No Smoking Weed In Sonic Drive-Thrus!

A sign posted up for the last two weeks in a drive-thru window of a Sonic fast-food restaurant in Gulfport, Mississippi read, “If you are smoking weed in the drive thru you will not be served! Please show some common courtesy and smoke and air out before pulling up to order.” Apparently management felt the need to put up the sign after one drive-thru patron blew marijuana smoke in an employee’s face.

Gulfport, Mississippi Sonic, weed news, marijuana legalization
Gulfport, Mississippi Sonic

Mississippi has decriminalized possession of 30 grams or less or marijuana. First time offenders simply have to pay a $250 fine and agree to appear in court when summoned rather than be arrested. However, legislators in the state have stopped any attempts to create a legitimate medical marijuana program nor have they even really considered legalizing recreational marijuana. Marijuana legalization will likely have to a forced issue in the ballot box if Mississippi residents want to partake in marijuana consumption for medical or recreational reasons.

Manager Yasman Freeman says the sign was posted roughly two weeks ago, after the employee had smoke blown in their face. She also says employees were tired of smelling pot when taking orders.

Freeman says it has curtailed some unwanted aromas that would waft from patrons’ vehicles, and a lot of pictures have been taken of it too.

Plainly the people of Mississippi want legalized marijuana, until then they apparently do not mind breaking the law. This sort of weed news is probably not much of a surprise to anyone. How can Sonic advertise a strawberry cheesecake shake on their sign for everyone to see and then think that it will not attract people with the munchies. Perhaps this is just a publicity stunt to get more patrons to come to Sonic, especially considering that marijuana users love the type of food offered at establishments like Sonic and IHOP.


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