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TNM News has pioneered the nation’s first and only unbiased marijuana news network that provides news, interviews and education on all things cannabis, as well as survival tips and e-commerce shopping experience.

TNMNews.com provides a balanced approach to cannabis information, with a news/talk radio show and podcast, national marijuana news website and downloadable app focusing on the political, economic, medicinal, scientific, and cultural dimensions of the rapidly evolving, and profoundly controversial, medicinal and recreational marijuana industry.

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About The Hosts and Staff

Todd Denkin, @tdenkin, started out in the 80’s as an on air disc jockey, and has worked his way through the entertainment industry as a producer, director, editor, writer and literally every other position on a set including on-camera and voice-over talent. Todd became a 30-year show business veteran making TV shows, commercials, infomercials, music videos, films and voice-overs; working at networks, production companies, advertising agencies and even owning his own media companies.

Todd conducting an interview at TNMNews.

Todd Denkin has worked in the legal cannabis and hemp business for the past 12 years and has built several leading cannabis and hemp companies to success as a C-Level executive. While doing that, Todd Co-Founded and became the host at TNMNews. Todd’s goal has always been to educate the masses about the good and bad in this burgeoning industry. He has always said that good education creates good legislation. Todd has interviewed over 150 luminaries in the marijuana space from patients to politicians, to doctors and CEOs and continues to bring new and interesting guests to the TNMNews audience today. He is recognized as an expert in the cannabis space and consults with various marijuana and hemp companies. Todd has been featured in TV news stories, newspapers and magazines and also co-authored the book Money Matters.

Whether it’s interviewing a celebrities, scientists, patients or politicians, off camera TV announcing, commercials, educational series, interviews, infomercials or live panels and events, Todd’s love for interviewing interesting people and doing voice-overs, along with his expertise in the cannabis industry has made him ‘The Voice of Cannabis’ right here on TNMNews.

Christine Sclafani, @Christine_Sclafani, is an actress and host and has been an anchor and culture correspondent for TNM News for over three years. Christine is an avid marijuana advocate and supports the movement and the benefits cannabis provides for good health.

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Culture Correspondent

She also believes in holistic healing over pharmaceuticals when possible. Christine’s reporting includes evolving legislation changes, new dispensaries and cannabis cafes, product reviews with existing and emerging brands, cannabis infused recipes and, interviews of leading cannabis culture figures all things in cannabis culture.

She has covered cannabis and hemp events including WeedCon, CannaCon, CWCBExpo, and High Times Cannabis Cup just to name a few. Christine has covered Cannabis culture in Italy, Spain and Amsterdam and resides in California, the hub of cannabis in the US. Christine is always looking for the best marijuana culture news and has become quite the expert over the past few years.

The Happy Chef, @EdibleDee, has been making edibles or medicinal edibles with cannabis from 2006 to present. In 2014 she published her first cannabis cookbook, The Happy Chef THC, in collaboration with hip-hop artist, patient and cannabis activist B-Real of Cypress Hill including his album “The Prescription” as well as an unreleased track as a free download.

Picture of The Happy Chef Edible Dee
Catch Edible Dee on
TNMNews.com al the time.

The year of 2015 was the year of legalization for medical marijuana in the state of Nevada. Dee was the Executive Chef opening the first licensed MMJ Production Kitchen in the state of Nevada located in the fabulous city of Las Vegas. In 2016, Dee partnered with a Medical Cannabis Research company, worked in research, designing their production kitchen at their headquarters in Las Vegas as well as formulated their medical product lines.

Dee presently does a weekly podcast with Todd Denkin here on TNMNews she also works as a Cannabis Consultant helping other brands, states and countries design their production kitchens, licensing her recipes, brand development, formulations, compliance and more. She helps spread awareness to the healing benefits of cannabis through her appearances on many advocate speaking panels as a keynote speaker and expert in her field. Her features include those of Forbes, Bloomberg, PR NewsWire , Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, HERB.CO, Hightimes, and others as well as her work in television with appearances on NETFLIX original series “Cooking On High”, Snoop Dogg’s MERRYJANE “Smoke In The Kitchen”, BREAL.TV, The National Marijuana News, Interviews and more. She uses her platforms to educate those on the science behind the cannabis plant, edibles, proper dosing, patient referrals with choosing and making your medicine. If that isn’t enough, Dee, as well, does a Live Cooking Class, The Happy Chef cannabis cooking series, in her home city of Las Vegas as well as takes her class on the road to other states and countries around the globe.

Connor Denkin has been working with TNMNews since 2015. First as a social media manager, then a producer and talent booker and now a journalist with a nose for cannabis news.

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Connor has also worked in the cannabis industry since 2016 as the Logistics Manager for Digipath Labs, a cannabis-testing lab in Nevada. He is in charge of organizing and acquiring cannabis product samples from cultivation and production facilities. He is also responsible for on-site facility audits, and training new clients and assisting current clients with Nevada State mandated seed-to-sale software, METRC.

In his free time Connor is the executive producer and host of The Boys Are Back In Town podcast; a look at sports, sex, current events, marijuana and the subtleties of everyday life. Connor does all this while working towards a journalism degree at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.