It’s an interesting concept. I came upon a press release for a company I have mentioned before, Sugar and Kush CBD. They bring up an interesting point about CBD. If it is a wellness product, then how can companies infuse it into anything other than the healthiest of products? CBD, cannabidiol, is being infused into all sorts of drinks and candies full of sugar. We even recently covered a story about how the makers of Oreo’s might infuse it into cookies.

While CBD may come from weed, it is an entirely different product than the recreational marijuana we buy at cannabis dispensaries so we can get high. I accept that all cannabis use is medicinal, but when you smoke weed to get high, you might not care if it’s the healthiest thing in the world. We all know now from the intense marketing efforts of vaporizer companies, that smoking or combusting weed can break it down into tiny particles, some of which that can be toxic. Yet, plenty of people are still smoking joints and bowls. If THC and and all the terpenes and other cannabinoids are infused into Eggs Benedict, we’ll eat it if our purpose is just to get stoned despite it being as fatty of a dish as you can find.

Low-calorie, low-sugar CBD gummies from Sugar and Kush.

Part of the press release quotes one of the founders of Sugar and Kush CBD, a woman named Laura Brenner who, according to the press release, used unflavored hemp oil to help her fight off stage 3 ovarian cancer while in her early 30’s. The article explains that the hemp oil helped her get a good natural night’s sleep at the time, which helped her body have the strength to fight off the disease. Couple of things on that.

First, claims about CBD or any cannabinoid being some major cure-all are tiresome. I believe cannabis has a lot of medical value and it might be true that in a petri dish scientists have observed cannabinoids killing cancer cells, but it is not curing people of cancer. So, it was nice to read a realistic perspective on how CBD, or hemp, or cannabis, can help people when they are sick. A good night’s sleep with a solid few hours in REM are good for anyone.

Forget about sleeping pills when people have reported incredible results by using CBD for sleep. High quality CBD gummies mean maximum benefits of CBD.Second, the idea of a natural night’s sleep also sounds right to me. Sleeping pills have been around forever. While I know people that really struggle with insomnia appreciate being able to fall asleep at all, the side-effects of those pills are atrocious. When they wake up the next morning it can just be the biggest drag to get out of bed. Their mind’s feel like they are immersed in mud. CBD supposedly does not make you drowsy, instead it helps to rid us of the things that keep us up at night such as anxiety, mind wandering and chronic pain.

Laura Brenner’s experience inspired the creation of the Sugar and Kush CBD brand which provided her some very real insight. Most people that are looking for relief with CBD, have conditions that eliminate certain foods. What if you are a diabetic? What if you are trying to use CBD for muscle recovery from intense workouts? What if you are trying to stay healthy by dieting and follow something like the Keto diet.

These insightful words from Laura apply to anyone, not only patients battling cancer. “We developed Sugar and Kush CBD oil products with little to no sugar so you can have your sweets too. I wanted to hit every aspect of everyone’s life. Our products are also great for diabetics and people following the Keto diet. I want to make sure we are including everyone in the world so that all can enjoy it and I don’t want anyone to feel left out.”

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