Santa Claus Rejoices After North Pole Decides To Keep Marijuana Legal


It looks like there will be a lot more nice and a lot less naughty on Santa Claus’ mind this Christmas after North Pole’s local council in Alaska rejected a proposal to ban the operation of marijuana dispensaries in the iconic town.

According to an article in Headlines and Global News, the ordinance only received a 2-5 vote during the debate and failed to meet the requirements for a public hearing.

Marijuana has been legal in Alaska since February of this year, but the town of North Pole is the only place in the Fairbanks North Star Borough to have filed an ordinance to prohibit its sale. But the ordinance was rejected and cannabis stores in the area can start operating by next year. The state of Alaska is still working on regulations for marijuana sales.

Also, the North Pole’s police chief added that arrests for possession of marijuana have gone down in his town since it became legal and authorities haven’t had any issues with users since the law went into effect.

Ironically, there is a medical marijuana patient in North Pole, Alaska that goes by the name of Santa Claus. The man who shares his name with Old Saint Nick says he’s looking forward to having marijuana in his town because he won’t have to leave the North Pole to get his medicine.


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