Residents Want Tennessee Medical Marijuana, But Politicians Do Not Care

Residents of the state of Tennessee really want medical marijuana to be made available to them, but hardly any of the current Tennessee’s legislators agree with their voters, nor do most of the candidates looking to become governor. Four out of the six candidates for governor do not embrace Tennessee medical marijuana.

It is an ongoing issue where the people managing states elect to not listen to voters and their belief that marijuana should be legalized. Paul LePage, Maine’s governor, keeps vetoing and slowing the implementation of rules that would allow recreational marijuana sales to start after voters approved legalization in 2016.

A 2018 Quinnipiac University poll showed 91 percent support for allowing adults to legally use marijuana for medical purposes.

A 2017 Prevention Magazine survey found 75 percent of those asked believe medical marijuana should be legal.

Even a poll from Tennesseans for Conservative Actions showed 52 percent approval.

Representative Casada said he believes patients who claim they have benefitted from medical marijuana, saying, โ€œThere is no doubt in my mind that cannabis works in some medical situations.โ€

But itโ€™s not as simple as patient testimony and poll numbers. The politics of medical marijuana are complicated.

Lt. Governor Randy McNally has not changed his opinion. He opposes legalization of marijuana for any reason.

โ€œI am concerned about how marijuana can get people over to other type of drugs,โ€ he said. โ€œIn my opinion, itโ€™s a gateway drug to other drugs.โ€


But the lack of testing prove effectiveness, to determine correct dosages, to determine exactly which patients would benefit, Casada said those questions remain unanswered.

โ€œThat is what we are wrestling with,โ€ he said. โ€œA lot of legislators are like me. They want to do something, but they donโ€™t want to do a little bit of good and long-term hurt.โ€

The majority of people in the United States supports not only the legalization of medical marijuana but also recreational marijuana. Why are politicians ignoring voters’ desire to have legal marijuana made available to them? Why do politicians not want to help the massive amount of people sitting in prison for minor marijuana offenses?

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