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Weed Smothered Smoked Pork Shoulder

It is time for another delicious weed recipe. Have you ever tried using an electric smoker? Chrstine Sclafani for TNMNews is about to present you with another idea for cooking with weed that involves smoking a Boston butt.


Smoke. What can I say about smoke? It can be awful and it can be wonderful. It can make you choke, or it can fill your olfactory senses with divine smells of hickory, cherry orโ€ฆ.weed. I am Chrstine Sclafani for TNMNews and I am about to present you with another idea for cooking with weed that involves smoking.

If you donโ€™t have an electric smoker and you like smoked food, get one. It controls the temperature perfectly and allows you to smoke your food to the exact taste you are looking for. Go buy a fresh Boston Butt, which is another term for a pork shoulder, the day before you plan on cooking it. That same night take a sharp knife and make thin slits across the fatty part of the butt.

Then, take your cannabutter and rub it into the fatty part thoroughly, get it deep into all the crevices. After that, season it with a barbecue rub and some sauce, spice it up anyway you want. Jamacain jerk season is great with pork shoulders. Cover it and put it in the fridge to marinate overnight. Early, early the next morning pull the shoulder out and let it get to room temperature, and while that is happening please preheat your smoker to 225 and pull out all but the middle rack.

Once it is preheated place the shoulder on the rack fat side up, shut and lock the door. The fat will eventually render dripping its tasty weed infused goodness all over the tender meat of the pork. Most electric smokers have a side piece you turn and pull out near the bottom that has a cup you fill with whatever type of wood chips you like. Smoke the meat to your heartโ€™s content and in about 10 hours you will have one of the most flavorful and tender pieces of meat that will leave all of your guests swooning for hours!

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