Happy 4th of July Everyone! This is Christine Sclafani with TNMNews Culture. Today we have a special treat for you that might just give you some lifted ideas on how to add some extra fireworks to your Independence Day party. Today we are going to go over some of our favorite cannabis infused recipes. And, by the way, you can find all of these recipes in the culture section at TNMNews.com. Let’s get started.

Artichoke Cakes with Cannabis Infused Aioli

I don’t know about you, but I love artichokes. You can do all sorts of stuff with them in the kitchen and they add a unique flavor to food that any palet can differentiate. Making an artichoke cake may not be the healthiest of dishes but we all get to splurge now again, right? It’s the aioli though that is the difference maker in this culinary masterpiece. You will need some cannabis infused olive oil, garlic, basil, a few other ingredients and some time to make this drizzle. The full recipe is titled ‘Marijuana Recipes: Yummy Artichoke Cakes With Weed Aioli.’ Check it out.


A Recipe for the Southeast Asian Drink, Bhang

Have you ever heard of Bhang before? Some people pronounce it like BONG while others pronounce it BANG. Let me tell you, if on this Independence Day you prepare this delicious Southeast Asian drink, you will be delivering a real bang to your guests. The creamy drink has supposedly been being prepared in India and other portions of Asia for many thousands of years. Now, this recipe won’t take you a thousand years, but it will take some time to get the ingredients together and prepare it. It even involves using a mortar and pestle. But, this recipe titled, ‘Have You Ever Tried Bhang?’ is sure to get some wide eyed looks from your guests.


Gazpacho Appetizer Shots with a Real Kick

I am a huge fan of all things tomato. Especially if you want to stay on the healthier side, gazpacho is such an amazing soup where you can add some real spice to it too. These little gazpacho appetizer shots have a fantastic presentation, don’t take long to prepare and will take your guests for a ride. The recipe is titled, ‘Marijuana Recipes: Infused Gazpacho Shots!’ Check out this easy recipe and let us know what your guests think about this little splash of flavor.


Cannabis Infused Peach Ice Cream

How about some marijuana infused dessert for your guests? Check out this recipe on how to make cannabis infused peach ice cream. This creamy delight will leave everyone oohing and aahing after each bite, and then about an hour later it will have them laughing and chatting it up while they are amazed by a fireworks display. You will have to prepared some cannacream beforehand, but that is the most time consuming part. Otherwise this quick recipe is ideal for any get together with fellow enthusiasts. The article is called, ‘Marijuana Recipes: Infused Peach Ice Cream!’


Spiking the Martinis?

Now, many of you may abstain from cocktails, but for those of you that still enjoy an adult beverage from time-to-time, this particular drink will take the party to the next level. This recipe is titled, ‘Marijuana Recipes: Marijuana Martinis!’ and calls for some cannabis glycerin tincture which may be challenging to get your hands on or you may need to prepare it yourself. But, this martini is spot on for parties and will be quite the talking piece. Please enjoy safely and make sure you measure everything properly before serving them to guests.

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Well I really hope everyone has a super fun but also safe 4th of July. Be careful with those fireworks, especially if you’ve been doing some indulging. This is Christine Sclafani, I hope you enjoyed our culture special on cannabis recipes. Remember, you can find all of them in the Recipes section under Culture at TNMNews.com. Happy 4th of July!

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