I got a Purple Rose Supply do it yourself cannagar kit recently and thought I would share what I found. Cannagars can sell from anywhere to around a few hundred dollars to over $10,000 at dispensaries. This G2 Small kit from Purple Rose Supply costs $44, the pure cannabis leaf shell costs about another $20 and I used 7 grams of cannabis which costs about $66. If the cost of a cannagar can be kept to under $100 if you exclude the cost of the reusable kit over time, then maybe they are a lot of fun to make and you save money too.

I thought it was a great deal of fun to make and enjoyed it on my 40th birthday with a few of my buddies. It smoked incredibly smoothly and we all thought the wooden filter tip was key. We were able to put it out repeatedly and relight it without it getting an ashy taste. I used a torch to light it and it burned very slowly.

I definitely plan on continuing to use the mold to make cannagars for any social events with friends where smoking is appropriate. The last thing I will comment on is that it is a very unique smoking experience. It is not like smoking a cigar or smoking a blunt. For me, unique pleasurable experiences get 5 stars.

In the Purple Rose Supply kit you will find a mold with hinges that you can clasp and unclasp. There is a hollow packing tool too. A small plastic bag full of customized wooden skewers that fit through a small hole at the bottom of the closed mold. You will feel when the skewer should not get pushed in any further. You will also find a wooden filter tip that fits snugly on the end of the finished cannagar.

You will also need a cannagar shell that you can buy from Purple Rose Supply made from cannabis leaf. It must be the exact right size for the molded cannabis. You also need to purchase at least 7 grams of cannabis and make sure you finely grind it up. My advice, pack it very tightly and I think letting the mold sit for 2 days worked very well. I also recommend using a torch to light the cannagar. If you want to add concentrates to it as well, it would work fine.

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