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Culture and Cannabis go back to the humble beginnings of the medical days of legal cannabis in Nevada. Nearly 4 years ago, it all started with just a vision. In this pre-recreational period, only a handful of events were present. Despite this, Culture & Cannabis strived to be the best. They set out to create an impactful and rememberable cannabis experience. One, that Nevada, had yet to offer.

In the span of 4 years, however, it has grown into the staple cannabis event in Las Vegas! With the event growing over 1000 attendees each show, the goal is in sight.

The past year has brought major growth to their brand, even garnering the award for the #1 cannabis event in Nevada. As they release their first line of cannabis products into the Nevada-market, 2020 will prove to be their biggest year to date. We’re taking our event experiences to all new levels. Check them out at https://www.cultureandcannabislv.com/

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