Shira Adler from Shira Synergy is incredibly energetic and knowledgeable about the benefits of cannabis. It is no wonder considering many of the secrets of cannabis are only just being discovered after over 80 years of prohibition. We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with her at the CWCB Expo in New York and hear her story and the influences that helped develop Shira Synergy into the company it is today.

Shira describes herself as a spiritual soccer mom that mixed ancient wisdom with modern science. She created the only CBD aromatherapy line that exists on the market today. The spray works great with her tincture, full spectrum oil or body butter. The concept of Shira Synergy is to incorporate an entire holistic system of CBD into people’s lives.

Ms. Adler is particularly well known for authoring The ABC’s of CBD, a virtual instruction manual on the effective uses and consumption methods of cannabidiol. Inspired to communicate her knowledge of CBD by the benefits her children, family and friends were experiencing, The ABC’s of CBD explains to readers that cannabis is not what they were taught when they were kids. You can find The ABC’s of CBD on Amazon and through the following links along with how to find our more about Shira Synergy products.

We want to thank Shira for her time and for spreading awareness about CBD.

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Simply put, CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and hemp plants. In medical cannabis low doses of THC act as a driver to create an “entourage” effect for the CBD, which our bodies crave since we’re designed with an endocannabinoid receptor system.

Shira Synergy many products coming down the line specific for medical cannabis users, which will be available through dispensaries, but for now we are thrilled to introduce something everyone can safely and easily use and enjoy that only have CBD (none of the THC found in marijuana).

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