Get Paid to Smoke Weed: Product Tester $50,000 for Cannabis Reviews

Marijuana legalization is creating some very interesting opportunities including the possibility to get paid to smoke weed. A San Diego based company, BudTrader refers to itself as the world’s largest online legal cannabis classified ad marketplace. The CEO, Brad McLaughlin, wants to make it very clear that this is a real job that will entail more than just being able to get paid to smoke weed. There will be a wide array of cannabis related products the hire will be expected to review. The job opportunity exists in any state that has some form of legalized marijuana.

The hire would test a wide variety of cannabis, CBD and hemp-related products as well as new equipment, vapes and smoking devices, said McLaughlin, who lives in Los Angeles County.

“The applicant must be proficient in writing and be able to post their reviews online as well as be comfortable on camera for ‘unboxing videos,’ demo videos, Facebook Live videos, Instagram Live videos as well as YouTube and Snapchat videos,” he said.

He cautioned that the role is going to be a lot of work and “it’s a real job.”

“If you’re looking to just get paid to smoke weed and that’s it, this isn’t the job for you,” said his Facebook post.

BRAD McLAUGHLIN: We have discussed with our legal counsel the potential legal ramifications of this position. The candidate would have to live in a state that has some form of legal cannabis. Currently we’ve only posted the job opening in CA, CO, WA and NV.

The applicant would have to review a wide variety of new products that are out or coming soon. We’re less interested in the product tester “getting high” and more interested in providing reliable information and feedback on new products.

We just began the search. We will begin reviewing applications/resumes immediately. I hope to have identified a candidate in the next few weeks.

The country has come a long way in terms of its perspectives on cannabis news and consumption. Did you ever believe that you would see in your lifetime the opportunity to get paid to smoke weed?


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