Are you looking to grind up some fresh bud, but you’ve lost your grinder? This guide will show you everything you need to know when it comes to grinding weed without a grinder.

There are countless tips out there for enjoying your cannabis from boiling carts in milk to mastering rolling a joint, but getting a good grind is one of the first skills you should master.

Let’s get started with going over the basics of why we grind weed.

Why Do We Grind Weed?

Know how to grind weed without grinder from TNM news.
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Grinding has a practical purpose when it comes to smoking weed.

Grinding simply makes cannabis easier to consume. You could, in theory, light a dried flower on fire and inhale it like incense to get some THC, but it’s much more efficient if you grind the cannabis before smoking.

Grinding is also an essential step in other ways of enjoying campus. Grinding is the key to creating edibles and cannabis infusions. You also need to grind weed before you do decarboxylation. No matter how you enjoy your weed, it all starts with a nice grind.

How to Grind Weed With a Grinder?

How to grind weed without a grinder? Here is a simple guide from TNM News
TNMNews Shop has been the authority on headshop products and smoke shop accessories since 2015. Shop the best glass bongs, weed pipes for smoking and smoking acessories for rolling joints.

Before we talk about how you can DIY your way out of losing your grinder, we need to cover how to use a grinder to begin with. With cannabis becoming more popular, and legal, throughout the country, more people are looking for a guide for this basic cannabis skill.

The grinder itself will typically come in two halves. These halves will have a set of interlocking teeth that grind the weed. Here’s how it all works.

  1. Separate the halves of your grinder
  2. Load one half of the grinder with your weed
  3. Close the grinder
  4. Rotate the halves of the grinder together
  5. Carefully open your grinder to enjoy your cannabis

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Sometimes you need to DIY your weed. This could be learning how to smoke the last bit of oil in a cartridge or figuring out what to do when you lose your grinder.

Here’s the best ways to grind weed without a grinder.

Mortar and Pestle

Cannabis is a herb. This means we can treat it like herbs, spices, and coffee. The absolute best way to grind your cannabis if you don’t have a grinder is to use a mortar and pestle.

All you do is put your dry cannabis into the mortar and pestle and grind it like you would any other herb. Keep in mind that this works best with dryer weed and you want to make sure to clean your mortar and pestle to not have any carryover flavors.

Cheese Grater

You can do a lot of surprising things with weed. Answering can you smoke oil with a lighter, how to decarb weed, or even how to grind with a cheese grater is part of the DIY culture of weed.

A large box cheese grater works great for grinding up cannabis. This works best with larger buds that are tighter and not as loose as smaller popcorn weed. Just grate your cannabis like we did on the smallest side of your cheese grater for best results.

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Coffee or Spice Grinder

If you have a coffee or spice grinder around the house, then you’ve got one of the best ways to grind weed.

One of the most important things that you need to do before using your coffee or spice grinder on your cannabis is to clean it out first. Any coffee that carries over into your cannabis is going to create an awkward smoking experience with some weird flavors and harsh draws.

After you cleaned out your spice grinder, you’re ready to grind the cannabis. Just load it into your grinder like you would coffee or spices and grind away.

If this method winds up working out for you, you can always consider having a coffee or a spice grinder on the side ready for your cannabis. After all, a coffee grinder is just a little bit more of an advanced version of a weed grinder.

Anything Sharp

If you’re really desperate and you don’t have any of these, all you need is something sharp. Scissors, a knife, even your car keys or a credit card can all be used to cut up cannabis enough to enjoy it. These methods will take a lot more work and have less professional results, but if you’ve lost your grinder you’ve got to do what you got to do.