Traveling this holiday season?

There are places all over the world where you can enjoy recreational cannabis. Whether you’re looking to sample flowers from every corner of the globe or your on vacation looking up how to smoke the last bit of oil in a cartridge, this guide has you covered.

Let’s start our adventure in Asia and travel the world in search of the finest, and most legal, cannabis around.


The countries of the Asian continent have some of the harshest laws when it comes to cannabis possession and use. These can include hefty fines, mandatory jail sentences, and even mandatory jail time for tourists. Overall, we recommend leaving the edibles at home when traveling to these nations.

There are a few expectations, but the key word here is “exceptions.” These are countries that have chosen to ignore or rarely enforce their own cannabis laws. Cannabis is still illegal in these countries, but their governments are choosing to minimize their use of those laws.


Cannabis is illegal in the country of Cambodia. However, the Cambodian government largely ignores these laws and chooses to really enforce them. You can even find cannabis cafes in Cambodia that open in broad daylight.

This doesn’t mean that you’re safe to legally enjoy cannabis in this country, but it does mean that the vast majority of individuals using cannabis in Cambodia won’t have a run-in with the law.


Cannabis is also illegal in Russia, but the country has a relaxed attitude towards enforcement. You won’t find cannabis cafes in Moscow, but you will find that things are pretty relaxed here when it comes to enforcement. Remember to use your best sense of judgment when acting in these legal gray zones.

The Middle East

Broadly speaking, cannabis is legal throughout the Middle East. If you find yourself traveling to the Middle East on your next vacation, you should definitely leave your cannabis products and accessories at home. These countries can offer heavy fines and jail sentences for breaking their drug laws.


Israel is the one exception in the Middle East to cannabis law. This country has recently decriminalized cannabis which means that breaking cannabis laws comes with reduced sentencing and reduced enforcement.


If you’re in Africa and wondering can you smoke oil with a lighter, there are a few counties where you can go for legal weed. There are also legalization efforts currently moving through governments throughout this vast continent.

There are countless different cultures, governments, and societies in Africa and each has its own relationship to weed. Counties as diverse as Malawi, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, and Egypt are currently working on decriminalization laws.

Lesotho & Zimbabwe

Cannabis is legal for medical use.

South Africa

Cannabis has been decriminalized in this country.


Australia is a great country to be in if you find yourself wondering if you can boiling carts in milk. This country passed legalization for medical uses in 2016. They have gone on to pass decriminalization laws throughout the country.

While weed isn’t completely legal, Australia is very tolerant and has relaxed laws. 

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South America

Do you try and get cannabis where you travel?

This continent is largely accepting of cannabis with different laws depending on which country you are in.


This country provides small amounts of medical cannabis for FREE as well as making small amounts of recreational products legal.


Uruguay was the first country in the world to expressly legalize weed in 2013. You can even buy cannabis at pharmacies in this country.


Legal medical cannabis is still in somewhat of a gray area in this country and recreational cannabis is outlawed.


One of the largest cannabis producers in the world, Paraguay legalized small amounts for personal use.


Europe has increasingly legalized it’s weed. Here’s a country by country breakdown.


Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001. They are ahead of nearly every country on the globe when it comes to drug laws.


Decriminalized cannabis in “private spaces” which includes the country’s many cannabis lounges.


Only medical cannabis here.

Switzerland & Estonia

Both of these countries decriminalized cannabis.


Italy has legal medical cannabis as well as decriminalized weed for personal use.

Chzech Republic

This country has legalized medical cannabis.


Cannabis isn’t technically “legal” in the Netherlands, but this doesn’t stop the “coffee shops” in this country from doubling as cannabis lounges.

North America

Sometimes it’s very difficult to acquire cannabis around the world.

Cannabis is increasingly legal throughout North America.


Good news! Cannabis is fully legal in Canada!

United States

Legalization efforts are still growing in the United States. Some states have legal weed, others only have legal medical cannabis, and other states are still fully illegal and heavily enforced. Your best bet is to research the state you are going to and take it from there!