Bubbler Pipes Are Becoming Very Popular Among Weed Smokers

One of the biggest debates among cannabis users is that of the bowl versus the bong. Those who prefer bowls argue for their size and portability, while bong aficionados argue in favor of their smoother, cleaner rips. Well today, that debate officially comes to an end in the form of bubblers. 

Lovingly referred to as the ‘mini-me of bongs,’ bubblers strike the perfect balance between bowls and bongs. Some people even call them pipe bubblers or bubbler pipes or bubbler bongs.

These pieces combine the smooth hit and fantastic flavor you get from a small bong with the durability and easy transport of a bowl in one convenient package. Read below to learn why bubblers are the must-have piece for any smoker.

What are Bubblers?

Despite the physical resemblance, bubblers are more than just a tinier take on the classic small water bong or small water pipe. Both bongs and bubblers use water to increase filtration and provide cleaner hits, but bubblers tend to have smaller bowls and a smaller overall size, kind of like a small water bong. Their smaller stature allows you to experience the easy hit of a bong without the inconvenience of its tall and unwieldy size. A glass bubbler pipe offers the water cooling smoke experience that a bong provides, while also being small and portable like your traditional glass spoon pipe.

Several different styles of weed bubblers are available on the market as retailers have many bubblers for sale and continue to get more and more creative when designing new pieces. There are a lot of cool glass bubblers on the market you just need to know the best place to get them.The two primary styles are the classic bubbler and the spoon-style bubbler.

Classic bubblers are taller with a bowl located directly above the water chamber. This bubbler design and style is sought after by those searching for a bubbler sale and for a piece with a traditional that smokes effortlessly. 

A Classic Bubbler Pipe.

Spoon bubblers are considerably smaller, only a tad larger than your average-sized glass bowl pipe. They contain a horizontal water chamber and are typically preferred by smokers who prioritize portability and discreteness. If you like small weed bongs, the spoon bubbler might be right for you.

This is a picture of a green pipe bubbler on a counter.
A Spoon Bubbler for bubbler smoking.

While these are the two main categories of bubblers, there are many other types with designs to accommodate every type of smoker. Hammer-style and animal bubblers are two designs that have recently become very popular among users who want a piece that is pleasing to the eye without compromising function.

Why Are They Better Than Bongs AND Bowls?

It is no question that bongs and bowls are both considered staples of any smoker’s collection, but anyone who has used a bubbler will tell you that this device truly embodies the best of both worlds. Bubblers can be used as a water pipe or can also function as a normal glass bowl, so this versatility lets you smoke almost anywhere without sacrificing comfort or quality. And you don’t have to lug around a 5 ft bong!

Like bongs, bubblers typically come equipped with a filtration system engineered to cool down smoke as you inhale and exert less of an impact on your body. Bubblers also don’t create fumes even when heated. However, the bubbler’s design makes it easier to handle, perfect for beginners who may not yet be able to confidently maneuver a bong. Smoking bubblers are also a favorite of smokers on a budget, as they tend to run cheaper than your average bong. 

On the other hand, their small size and durability is why bubblers are winning the hearts of those who previously swore by their glass bowls. By providing the functionality of a bong combined with the portability of a bowl, bubblers for smoking are the ideal piece for smokers regardless of their preference or lifestyle. 

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How to Use a Bubbler

One of the best things about bubblers is how incredibly easy it is to learn how to use a bubbler, and even the most novice bubbler smoker will have no problem figuring these pieces out with the help of this quick tutorial. 

Tools Needed: Bubbler Pipe, Lighter and Some Bud

Time Needed: 4 minutes and 20 seconds

Step 1: Start by filling your bubbler pipe with water and make sure it’s with an appropriate amount of cold water (check to see if you can hear the bubbles when you inhale to know if you’ve added the right amount).

This is a picture of a large marijuana bud. Just before it goes into a grinder.
A nice juicy bud getting ready for the grinder.

Step 2: Next, grind up your herb and pack it into the bowl. Make sure the bowl is dry before you pack, and don’t pack the herb too tightly to avoid restricting airflow exactly how you would put weed in bongs. 

Step 3: Now it’s time to smoke! Simply light the bowl, inhale, and enjoy!  Also, you will never inhale as hard with a bubbler as you would with a big bong, or you will find the water at the bottom of the bubbler in your mouth. It’s like a straw. Once you’ve emptied the bowl, finish by dumping the bubbler water out of the chamber. 

To keep your glass piece looking its best, it’s important to give your bubbler a good cleaning after every few uses. Rubbing alcohol or boiling water are the easiest ways to get rid of resin buildup.

Final Thoughts


Whether you prefer bongs or bowls, a bubbler is sure to find itself a place in your heart and your collection. Bubblers are a great way to add fun and variety into your smoking routine, and they make the perfect piece for nearly any smoker! Check out the wide variety of amazing bubblers available, and we promise you’ll thank us later.