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Happy 4/20/20 TNMNews Friends and Fans!

Yes, we are still in isolation and suffering like you, but we can’t help but be optimistic about the future of legal cannabis. Of course, if we didn’t have weed during this quarantine, it might be a different story 🦠.

For all of us who have been supporting the industry over the years, having the Legal Marijuana Industry classified as an “Essential Business” has been a glimmering little light for us at the end of the tunnel.

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We Are Changing with the Times

TNMNews is changing to support you and your friends and families. We want to do our part to rebuild a smarter and better prepared community of intelligent marijuana users.

We will still be bringing you marijuana news, but not so heavy on the legalization matters, unless we see injustice. We will bring you tips, how to guides, infused recipes and most importantly, a new outlet to get great smoking accessories delivered discreetly to your door for you and your friends, fast and at the right price.

We are committed to finding new innovative companies, products and vendors that want to showcase their products to you, to get real feedback and help shape your vision of the future. You can plan on seeing at least one contest or giveaway a month to help us celebrate YOU.

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