Los Angeles, The Marijuana Mecca, Finally Selling Retail Cannabis

Official state legal marijuana has been a long time in coming to the marijuana mecca of the country, Los Angeles. Sales of retail cannabis products started in California on January 1st, but there was no legal cannabis sold in L.A. until last Saturday.

Many Los Angeles store owners were beyond frustrated with city administrators that seemed to be taking their time implementing rules and setting them in place for the huge city. Los Angeles is likely to become one of the largest marijuana hubs in the world.

Los Angeles marijuana stores on Friday evening got the OK to begin selling cannabis to anyone 21 and older with just an ID.

The first state license for a cannabis business in L.A. went to MedMen Beverly Hills for the Robertson Boulevard shop to sell both recreational and medical cannabis, according to Bureau of Cannabis Control records.

The company also received licenses Friday night for its Venice and Downtown L.A. locations. They plan to start recreational sales at all three shops on Saturday morning, company spokesman Daniel Yi said.

โ€œItโ€™s finally here. The second largest city in the county has officially welcomed full legalization of marijuana for adult use,โ€ Yi said.

The city issued its first permits on Jan. 12. Theyโ€™d handed out 55 permits as of Friday afternoon, according to aย city database.

โ€œAfter years of trying to get this done โ€ฆ itโ€™s just exciting to be here as Los Angeles makes its move to get licensed, to filter out who is legal and whoโ€™s not,โ€ said Jerred Kiloh, owner of The Higher Path marijuana shop in Sherman Oaks, who said that just moments after he got state approval, he made his first recreational marijuana sale to customer Dominique Koudsi.

California soil is enriched with all things that marijuana plants love, in particular in the emerald triangle. Los Angeles has been embracing marijuana for decades and now that the city can sell legal marijuana, it should provide a huge economic boost to the city. Is it satisfying that Los Angeles is now able to sell marijuana legally?

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