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If you are starting or looking into cannabis farming, knowing the best farming technique is one of the most incredible milestones to ensure sufficient and quality harvest. Have you heard of deep water culture? Deep Water Culture Technique has turned out to be the most effective method for higher yields.

Tag along and learn everything about this technique famous among highly productive cannabis farmers.

What is Deep Water Culture?

Deep Water Culture is a unique hydroponic technique in which farmers grow cannabis plants in an aerated and nutrient-rich water pool. Growers suspend the plants in unique pots or nets with their roots stretched down into the pool of aerated nutrient-rich solution.

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The remarkable thing with Deep Water Culture is that you don’t have to keep watering your plant every day. However, you need to ensure that your reservoir is big enough to hold water to keep your plant for some time before you add more. Putting enough water in your tank will also reduce maintenance and monitoring.

How Deep Water Culture Works

With the Deep Water Culture (DWC), farmers grow cannabis plants with their roots immersed in an aerated nutrient solution to enhance the absorption of nutrients for healthy growth.

Experts say Deep Water Culture is one of the fastest-growing high-yielding cannabis plants. It offers significant rewards and is the easiest method to master. Farmers can use various styles and adaptations to grow the plants, depending on their experience.

However, most of them prefer immersing the roots in a nutrients container at the optimum pH of 5.8. Here, the bubbling air is usually connected to the air pump to provide sufficient oxygen to keep the roots healthy. In addition, the absence of light is necessary to reduce the influence of dreaded slime and algae.

How Deep Water Culture Improves Yields

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The Deep Water Culture improves the yield of cannabis in many ways. As a cannabis farmer using this technique, you’ll enjoy:

Faster Growth

Faster growth leads to a quick and bigger harvest, which most growers would want. In addition, deep Water Culture provides easier access to oxygen and nutrients for the healthy growth of the plant roots and leaves to produce excellent yields.

Other growers have been wondering whether the speed of plants growing in Deep Water Culture could negatively affect the plant. No, it doesn’t affect your plant in any way. In fact, it will give you a giant cannabis plant with larger buds.

Most cannabis growers who have applied the Deep Water Culture well will confess to you that there is undeniable joy and satisfaction with seeing the plant growing suitably.

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Low Risk of Pests Invasion

Pests are the worst sources of stress among cannabis growers, ranging from the destruction of the plants to the high cost of buying pesticides to control the organisms.

Deep Water Culture helps you eliminate this problem since its setup doesn’t use any growing medium, so there is little or no invasion by bugs, mites, groundhogs, and other potential pests.

The absence of the medium also enables your cannabis to utilize the available space and nutrients to grow larger and produce high yields.

Effective Management of Nutrients

Deep Water Culture has the best nutrient management method that every grower would like to have quick and enough yield. You only need to change the nutrient bat at fixed schedules, generally weekly, to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

However, the situation is quite different in bloom. Here the intention of growers varies from one person to another; others may check their baths twice a day in late flowering and add the required nutrients. There is nothing wrong with that; the idea is to ensure the healthy growth of the plant to produce a high yield.

Some growers prefer changing bath water daily to clear the unused nutrients that might cause unhealthy accumulation of minerals in the bath; it is essential because the collection of such minerals slows down the uptake of other nutrients, leading to stunted growth. However, it would help if you were careful not to over water the plants because that would equally destroy them.

Challenges of Using Deep Water Method

Like other techniques, using the Deep Water Culture also comes with downsides. Some of these challenges include:

  • Air pump failure might affect the provision of oxygen to the plants, leading to a decline in growth,
  • Difficulty in maintaining the optimal temperature of 18–20 °C due to heat coming from the pump, and
  • Difficulty in maintaining parameter fluctuation, including water level, nutrient fluctuations, and pH fluctuations.


If you are a first-timer, Deep Water Culture can be a challenging method for you. However, you will easily catch up with time. You will definitely agree that it is the easiest and most effective technique to improve your harvest and keep your cannabis business booming.