Delicious Cannabis Treats

Curious on how to make edibles fast and easy? Well look no further. This is the easiest way to make delicious edibles while giving very little effort. They are called firecrackers and they are quite simple to cook up. With that being said it’s also easy to mess up, so pay attention and you’ll be making firecrackers in no time! And with the 4th of July around the corner you will be a big hit at the barbecue!

Here’s What You Need

First, you’ll obviously have to obtain some high grade cannabis. If you are making firecrackers for yourself you will probably just need about a half gram. You’ll need more if you are planning to share with a group of people (about a half gram per person).

You will also need graham crackers. Specifically either Nabisco or Honey Maid graham crackers, as they seem to work best. If you wanna get a little crazy you can get the cinnamon version flavored graham crackers for a delicious result.

Lastly you will need peanut butter. If you have options you should get a more natural peanut butter because it will have higher levels of fat, which is good. In fact, the higher the fat level the better! A combination of Nutella and peanut butter also does the trick.

Like I said firecrackers are easy to make. The weed easily bonds to the fats of the peanut butter which eliminates a few steps people have to go through when making other marijuana edibles.

You will need these tools:

  • A toothpick for stirring
  • aluminum foil for baking
  • An oven with accurate temperature control (toaster ovens work fine)

You Have To Decarboxylate Your Weed

Decarbed Weed
Weed that has been decarboxylated for edibles.

In order to get the proper effects from the firecrackers you will need to activate the THC and the other cannabinoids. This means you will have to decarboxylate the marijuana for it to get you high.

In order to decarboxylate the cannabis you will have to heat it in a certain way. Our advice would be to keep the heat low and not to rush the process as you can overheat the cannabis which will ruin your treats. 

Once you are ready to decarboxylate your cannabis preheat the oven to 250 degrees F (120 C) and wait about 10 minutes for the oven to get warm. While you are waiting for the oven to heat you can break up your nugs into small pieces. I’d recommend using a marijuana grinder if you have one. You can even use a coffee bean grinder if you don’t have one specifically for pot.

Once your cannabis is all ground up, place it onto an oven safe (either metal or pyrex) tray and set a timer for 15 minutes. That should be plenty of time for the marijuana to decarboxylate. Don’t leave it in the oven any longer than 15 minutes as heating it for too long can ruin your weed.

After you take the cannabis out of the oven just set it to the side and let it cool down.

Creating the Firecrackers

Graham crackers with Nutella and cannabis spread.

Ok now for creating your masterpiece, you will want to heat the oven to 300 degrees F (120 C). As the oven heats up spread your peanut butter on both sides of the graham cracker. If you are going to use Nutella, put that on one side of the cracker but make sure to have peanut butter on at least one half.    

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Evenly sprinkle marijuana onto your graham crackers and make sure the weed is mixed in with the peanut butter because the THC is absorbed into the fat of peanut butter.

To finish assembling you will take your two pieces and use them to make a little graham cracker sandwich. 

Time to Get Baked 

Once you make it to this point people tend to just throw their firecrackers into the oven, but we don’t recommend that. 

Instead, wrap your creation in tin foil and put that into the oven. Make sure to cover the entire thing tightly to help lock in all the good stuff.

Now go ahead and put your wrapped firecracker into the oven for about 20 minutes. Perfect amount of time to watch an episode of The Office or Parks and Rec.

Let It Cool

The last part is the easiest part. Simply remove them from the foil and let your firecrackers cool down. Congrats you did it! 

It should smell like a delicious cannabis and peanut butter treat. Once the firecrackers have cooled down it’s finally time to chow down! Enjoy your edible treats responsibly. Remember edibles take about 30 – 45 minutes to kick in so eat one and wait and see what happens.

I know it’s tempting because they smell so good but you don’t wanna get too high and ruin your night.