The $9.1 billion cannabis industry continues to grow as more states legalize the substance for recreational and medical use. With more companies getting cannabis licenses to operate, cannabis-related job opportunities rapidly increase as well. Since 2020, 243,700 American workers have had full-time jobs in the marijuana business.

Anyone looking for opportunities in the cannabis industry must remember that they would be entering a startup industry. So, most companies may not have an established hiring process. With this fact in mind, adaptability may be an essential skill to have during an interview.

If you are considering a career in the cannabis industry, consider these other attitudes that recruiters may look for in potential teammates.

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Be Open

Any job in the cannabis industry is fast-paced. Regardless of the different stages of cannabis manufacturing, cannabis-centric job opportunities depend on state regulations. As state regulations keep changing to accommodate new knowledge about cannabis, any marijuana business must adjust accordingly.

Cannabis businesses needing constant adjustment will need members who can keep up with a constantly changing business landscape. Responsible companies will keep up with the latest cannabis industry news to stay on top of any recent changes within the industry. This way, they can determine which sectors of their business will need to accommodate the new rules.

If you thrive in fast-paced environments and are quick on your feet, you may stand out among other applicants. You may also have better chances of getting hired if you have a strategic approach to things. As a constantly changing industry dependent on state regulations, marijuana businesses must be ready to switch their strategy. The company you want to join will gladly take tactically minded individuals with a clear understanding of cannabis legalities.

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Be Proactive

When looking for cannabis companies to join, you want to be sure they have the appropriate cannabis licenses to operate and the proper funding to stay in business. Knowing these things will help you gauge whether you are getting into a reliable marijuana business that intends to remain in the cannabis industry for a long time. So, you should make a habit of asking a prospective company the right questions to learn about its culture.

A cannabis business may operate in several states. You should ask about the company’s licenses to operate in those states and review the cannabis laws. You will want to work with a cannabis company that complies with state regulations. If you intend to join a company that grows and processes its cannabis products, be sure to confirm they have legal permission to do so.

Regarding funding, you should want to enter a company with a clear business vision and mission. While keeping in mind that every cannabis company is a startup, you should still ask about a cannabis company’s financial stability and plans. You should know whether a company has enough resources to endure the period before they generate sales and if they know how to utilize those resources.

Be Flexible

Being a jack of all trades may be an edge in the cannabis industry. If you have multiple skills to offer a marijuana business, the company will most likely hire you. After all, a marijuana business will recruit skilled individuals just like any company in other industries.

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While having many skills is good, a cannabis recruiter will likely go for someone with relevant skills. Cannabis businesses will undoubtedly have jobs that are not marijuana-centric, such as bookkeeping and sales management. These skills may translate well in the cannabis industry in terms of the work ethic attached to them.

For example, if you are clear about your management skills and experience, you can convince a company that you can quickly pick up on business processes. You could translate that into the marijuana company’s vision by assuring the recruiter that you know what each stage needs to function correctly. Knowing what to do is always the first step to getting anything done.

You may get additional points if you are willing to do what needs to be done. A “that’s not my job” attitude may not do well in this industry. So, even if you are technically in charge of the company’s finances, you should be willing to get hands-on with other tasks as necessary — from working in the dispensary to researching the top 50 strains.

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Conclusion: How To Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry

Three attitudes that may help you get hired in the cannabis industry are openness to possibilities and opportunities, proactivity for learning about the company, and flexibility with different jobs. Every business in the burgeoning cannabis industry is a startup, which may not have an established system you would expect from larger companies in other industries.

Remember that working in the cannabis industry requires people who thrive under a constantly changing business landscape. Cannabis laws continue to change as states update their comprehensive cannabis programs. Be sure to keep up with the latest cannabis industry news to stay on top of every update on the marijuana industry. At TNM News, we cover marijuana news, from the newest state updates to the best cannabis destinations.