Investing in Medical Cannabis Stocks Can be Confusing

You’ve probably already searched for top 10 cannabis stocks to invest in and the best cannabis companies to invest in. Most investors ask themselves the same 10 questions:

  • Should I invest in legal cannabis?
  • Should I invest in cannabis stocks?
  • Should I go with a publicly traded company?
  • Should I invest privately?
  • What are the best medical cannabis companies to invest in?
  • How soon can I get a return on my investment?
  • Who can I trust with my money?
  • Should I invest in cannabis startups?
  • Who is investing in cannabis?
  • Where can i invest in cannabis stocks?

All valid questions. In our search to find top cannabis stocks to invest in, we came across a company based in Los Angeles called Goldstalk, LLC. They are an investment and advisory group that serves both individual investors and established businesses in legal medical and adult use cannabis companies. So if you don’t really know how to invest in cannabis business, you might want to give this unique investment a closer look.

Invest in Cannabis with TNMNews and Goldstalk Investments
Due diligence on every investment is very important.

Some of the Goldstalk services include:

  • Capital for asset acquisition, formation of development, in all aspects of the industry, from $250,000 to $5mm
  • Advisory services for entrepreneurs, management
  • Quality investment opportunities for accredited investors
  • Real Estate funding for acquisition or bridge finance/debt transactions
  • Raise expansion capital for companies that complement the cannabis industry
  • Co-packers, third party products and manufacturing
  • Taking Public, Mergers and Acquisition Advisory and Capital

Goldstalk’s mission is to guide investors through the nascent cannabis industry towards quality investment opportunities that are intelligently structured, having sound leadership, management, objective and vision. And from we’ve seen they’ve done a really good job.

They normally focus on the California and Nevada markets and have been doing so for several decades. Before cannabis was a legal industry, Goldstalk’s focus was on real estate and they funded over $700MM in business and real estate investments. Once they learned how to invest in the cannabis industry back in 2015, Goldstalk has carefully deployed over $20MM in marijuana business investments.

The Management

Their people are all top notch too. Goldstalk’s founder and manager, Michael Waldman has over 30 years in commercial real estate and over-sees operations and the firm’s debt equity program.

“There has never been a better time to take a look at the cannabis industry,” said Waldman. “With so much going on in the world, and with cannabis being deemed essential, we see a bright future for the cannabis investor.”

Michael Waldman, Goldstalk Founder and Manager

The Goldstalk Team excels in the cannabis industry because of their wide variety of skills in both finance and real estate. They have built a team of knowledgeable, experienced and highly creative individuals which allow them to assess and invest in viable investment opportunities.

Richard Zaremba, Goldstalk’s Co-founder and partner stated, “It was a natural shift for us to enter the cannabis space from our roots in real estate because a lot of high net worth investors see the same upside to this flourishing industry as they have seen over the years in commercial real estate.”

Another great thing about Goldstalk is that they source the best opportunities and the most promising industry founders in which to engage and serve. They only work with smart, spirited individuals who need an additional alliance and a reliable, professional relationship that serves their goals of higher and sustained profits, greater efficiencies and sound business practices.

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Goldstalk partner, Erika Fitzgerald said, “After 15 years in commercial debt structuring, investing, strategic management roles in finance, real estate and the insurance industry, the timing has never been better for specific cannabis investments.”

“We seek out and identify those investments and bring them to the people who just don’t know where to put their money,” she added.

Erika Fitzgerald – Goldstalk Partner

Current Opportunity

So, what is Goldstalk working on now? I’m glad you asked because in the many years I’ve spent in the cannabis space, this particular deal looks very sexy.

Nevada has fast become one of the biggest cannabis markets in the country and there are no signs of it slowing down. Over $58 million is being spent every month, on cannabis products in Nevada. That’s right, the Silver State with just under 3 million people is producing over $58 million per month and that’s where their latest opportunity is.

Exterior of a 30,000 square foot cultivation facility in Las Vegas, NV
This is the exterior of the licensed facility looking for investment with Goldstalk, LLC.

Goldstalk has a 30,000 square foot facility in Las Vegas that they are looking for DIRECT investors that want a “cash flowing” predictable investment. It is not a pubco, so there is no need to worry about investing in cannabis penny stocks. It’s not some kind of new technology either or some other untested venture either. This operation already cash flows and is positioned for a tripling its current size and capacity.

An indoor cultivation bloom room in Las Vegas, NV
Inside one of the “Bloom” rooms at the facility in Vegas.

This already successful cultivation facility outperforms other, larger facilities with regard to net revenues, relationships and business acumen and top side potential. It is a state of the art facility with over $6 million already invested. More good news is that they are producing top shelf cannabis flower that sells before it harvests with THC testing consistently in the 30% range.

Other features of this Las Vegas facility:

  • Cash flowing now.  Investment distributions quarterly.
  • Investment is direct ownership
  • 30,000 sq ft.  Best Vegas location (tours available) 4500 AMPS
  • ALL product pre-sold thru the end of 2020
  • Multi license operation
  • New partner capital used for expansion to triple capacity
  • Full line of over 50 genetic cultivars

It looks like Goldstalk investments are something to take a look at. They are smart, experienced and they take their time to do all of the due diligence for you! You can check out the latest investment opportunity at:

Or if you are interested in this Vegas opportunity or some others they have cooking, please contact Michael Waldman at or simply call them at (310)621-0092.

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