Cannabis legalization is gaining worldwide, and there’s no denying it’s a sweet phenomenon that’s bringing joy to weed lovers everywhere. There are several places where weed tourism is already a big deal and other countries where it’s set to become a big thing over the next few years. I’ve compiled a list of a dozen countries that could be top destinations for weed tourism soon. As cannabis takes over travel, prepare to enjoy a new level of fun in these international destinations.


Oh, Canada! This country has been a top destination for weed tourism ever since it became the first country in North America to 100% legalize recreational marijuana back in 2018. Not only can you visit big cities like Vancouver or Montreal, but there are plenty of secluded communities where you’ll find the dankest buds in the North.


It’s also known as ‘The Venice of the North,’ which should give you an idea about how pleasant this destination can be for weed tourism. Cannabis is technically illegal in Amsterdam, but it’s widely tolerated. You can visit coffee shops and smoke as much as you like without worrying about the police. However, remember, it’s technically illegal, so you won’t find a doctor to help if you have questions like, “can you smoke weed while on antibiotics.” If you’re a traveler, this is one of the best destinations to take weed with you while exploring The Netherlands.

South Africa

Yes, a country in the African continent allows you to smoke weed legally. South Africa is a pretty fantastic destination and weed tourism looks set to take it up a notch. The country has already developed weed tourism initiatives, which is undoubtedly a powerful sign of things to come.

United States (State Level)

You knew this would be on the list, right? The United States is an absolute mecca for weed tourism. Recreational cannabis is a thing for people 21 and older in 18 states so far, and the number’s growing fast. The U.S. also has dozens of states with legal, medical cannabis, so it’s no problem finding a doctor if you have questions, such as, “can you smoke on antibiotics?

Just remember it’s only legal in specific states and not federally. Don’t light up that joint in a national park and be careful in Washington, D.C. Weed’s legal in the district, but a large area is federal land where sparking up is a felony!


Yes, the country that spans parts of North and Latin America is on its way to becoming a top weed tourism destination. While you can’t legally buy it at a store in Mexico as you can in other countries, you can find it freely in tourist areas and use it without ending up in a Mexican jail.


If you find yourself in South America, don’t miss the chance to visit Uruguay. In 2013, this country became the first nation on the continent to legalize recreational marijuana. Uruguay has many cannabis farms, and it’s easy to find the potent flowers.


Portugal is another pioneer in the weed tourism industry, and it offers a great example of responsible drug use for other countries to follow. In 2001, Portugal became the first country in the European Union to decriminalize all drugs. Since then, addiction rates have fallen by half, and a significant obstacle to treatment has been removed. While you can’t visit cannabis dispensaries in the country yet, it’s clearly on the horizon.

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Spain may be a European country, but it’s far from the rest of the continent regarding cannabis laws. It’s not legal to sell, but it’s legal for personal possession. The climate in Spain is fantastic, and it’s the perfect place to visit for weed tourism in Europe. However, medical information is hard to find in Spain, so it might be challenging to find a physician that can answer questions like can you smoke on antibiotics. Take care of these questions before leaving home.


It looks like Italy will be on the map soon as a weed tourism destination. The country is working on legislation that would allow people to smoke cannabis in designated areas when they visit. So, bring your sunscreen and platform sandals because this is one of the most beautiful places on earth for cannabis tourism.


Chile is one of South America’s most underrated tourist destinations, and weed tourism could give it more attention. Although it has vast potential, Chile has seen no major weed tourism initiatives yet. It’s time for that to change since the country’s home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Latin America.

Thanks for reading! As you can see, there are many great destinations for weed tourism worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation to sip margaritas and toke on a joint or a cannabis-packed adventure with bongs, edibles, and unique sites, there’s something for everyone. So, get out there and explore the world of weed tourism!