Enemies of Marijuana Infecting Canadian Cannabis Industry

Canadian marijuana advocates are furious about certain hypocrites joining the legal cannabis industry. Canada is taking the lead in the worldwide cannabis market, already exporting marijuana to other countries and planning for national recreational marijuana legalization this upcoming summer.

A Toronto police chief that railed against the legalization of marijuana much like the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, recently setup a business to assist consumers in accessing medical marijuana. Some are screaming for an outright boycott of the business.

In 2015, former Toronto police chief Julian Fantino was “completely opposed” to marijuana legalisation and supported mandatory jail time for minor cannabis offences.

Mr Fantino, who was also a Cabinet minister in the former Conservative government, criticised the now governing-Liberals’ plan to legalise the drug, saying it would make smoking marijuana “a normal, everyday activity for Canadians”.

In November, along with former RCMP deputy commissioner Raf Souccar, he opened Aleafia, a “health network” that helps patients access medical cannabis.

He also had a change of heart on legalisation,ย telling the Toronto Star newspaper he now supportsย it as long as it keeps pot away from children and criminals.

In an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, he said his 2015 comments were made “in a different era”.

Mr Fantino said his turning point on medical marijuana came when he was minister of veterans affairs and met ex-soldiers who relied on it.

Marijuana activists who have fought against prohibition for decades – and sometimes faced subsequent criminal charges for their activities – were angry over Mr Fantino’s reversal on pot.

There is also concern the pot counterculture that flourished for decades will be elbowed outย of a likely multi-billion dollar industry by a new corporate sector.

Canadian marijuana consumers will have many options to choose from this summer and if they elect to boycott Aleafia, there will still be plenty of options available to them. Can you imagine Jeff Sessions setting up a marijuana business after he retires from politics?

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