DEA Secretly Files Document Making All Marijuana Extracts Schedule 1 Drugs

On December 14, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) clandestinely filed a document to amend the Schedule I Controlled Substances Act to include a new subparagraph that will tighten regulations for marijuana extracts, including cannadidiol (CBD). The new drug code subparagraph, titled Establishment of a New Drug Code for Marijuana Extract, becomes effective on January 13, 2017.

The DEAโ€™s summary of the new code says that they are โ€œcreating a separate code number for marijuana extract with the following definition: โ€˜Meaning an extract containing one or more cannabinoids that has been derived from any plant of the genus Cannabis, other than the separated resin (whether crude or purified) obtained from the plant.โ€™ Extracts of marijuana will continue to be treated as Schedule I controlled substances.โ€

In response to CBD, the DEA responded saying: โ€œFor practical purposes, all extracts that contain CBD will also contain at least small amounts of other cannabinoids. However, if it were possible to produce from the cannabis plant an extract that contained only CBD and no other cannabinoids, such an extract would fall within the new drug code.โ€

On Jan. 13, 2017, CBD and all other extracts derived from the cannabis plant (whether psychoactive or not) will be federally enforced like other Schedule 1 drugs, such as heroin, LSD, marijuana, and ecstasy.

Any business licensed to handle marijuana extracts must update their business registration within 30 days of the document being published (December 14, 2016) or theyโ€™ll be in violation of federal law.



    • Yeah, they should have years ago… now there just grasping at straws, why waste goverment time and taxpayers money doing this now with alot of states on the verge of decriminalization? They are trying to justify there positions need, how’s this for the dea… fire whoever wrote up the article and give there 200k a year salary to someone who has 2 kids and works at McDonald’s paycheck to paycheck and might smoke a joint after there kids are warm full and safe in bed to help relax there nerves to start again tomorrow….

  1. Come on, we have one life to live thanks to our LORD!! Make it legal and help people get off the BS pharmaceutical. They just want to make a billion on top of last years. Stop fuckn with people’s live ????

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