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How to Make Cannabis Distillate

Cannabis continues to grow in popularity as more states in the US legalize it – several states have permitted the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Even better, the relaxation of the cannabis laws has allowed marijuana manufacturers to develop innovative cannabis products. Enter cannabis distillate.

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The future of hemp-based foods in Europe

The European hemp-based food market continues to grow. The main way that hemp is turned into food is through powders, such as protein, seed oil, and seeds.

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Can You Improve Your Cannabis Yields Using the Easy Deep Water Culture (DWC) Technique?

If you are starting or looking into cannabis farming, knowing the best farming technique is one of the most incredible milestones to ensure sufficient and quality harvest. Have you heard of deep water culture? Deep Water Culture Technique has turned out to be the most effective method for higher yields.

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How to Mask the Smell of Weed

As much as you might enjoy using cannabis, there’s no denying that it has a unique, funky odor. Some people describe it as smelling like incense or patchouli, while others just think it smells like skunk.

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A Todd Talk With Lemonhaze CEO Brian Yauger

This is an interview with the most connected guy in cannabis, Brian Yauger. He runs Lemon Haze, an executive cannabis event company focusing on golf tournament s and budtender training.

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Guide to Cannabis Extracts

With cannabis becoming legal in more places, it’s becoming available in more and more forms. You’ve probably heard of cannabis extracts and may have even used them. But if you don’t know exactly what they are or how they work, here’s a simple guide. 

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Finding the Right Dosage of CBD

Although more people around the world add CBD to their daily routines, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to CBD dosage. Read on to learn some tips and tricks.

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Can CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

There is still a small possibility of failing a drug test after using CBD products, but it all depends on the product’s composition, quality, as well as your intake frequency.

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Does CBD Help With Anxiety?

Anxiety is a complex condition that affects many people around the world. Although there are various therapies and medications available to treat the condition, they rarely treat its underlying cause. CBD is seen as a potential alternative treatment for people with anxiety disorders.

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Will CBD Gummies Give You Cavities?

CBD gummies are made and consumed in pretty much the same way most sweets are. We enjoy them for not just their CBD but also their sugar content, whether we admit it or not. Read on to learn about the connection between CBD gummies and cavities.