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A Todd Talk With Lemonhaze CEO Brian Yauger

This is an interview with the most connected guy in cannabis, Brian Yauger. He runs Lemon Haze, an executive cannabis event company focusing on golf tournament s and budtender training.

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Finding the Right Dosage of CBD

Although more people around the world add CBD to their daily routines, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to CBD dosage. Read on to learn some tips and tricks.

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Can CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

There is still a small possibility of failing a drug test after using CBD products, but it all depends on the product’s composition, quality, as well as your intake frequency.

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Does CBD Help With Anxiety?

Anxiety is a complex condition that affects many people around the world. Although there are various therapies and medications available to treat the condition, they rarely treat its underlying cause. CBD is seen as a potential alternative treatment for people with anxiety disorders.

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Will CBD Gummies Give You Cavities?

CBD gummies are made and consumed in pretty much the same way most sweets are. We enjoy them for not just their CBD but also their sugar content, whether we admit it or not. Read on to learn about the connection between CBD gummies and cavities.

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The Truth About CBD Myths

The popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) is evident from the various products you see online. However, concerns regarding safety and side effects are also growing, leading to many myths.

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Marijuana Tax Rates in Each State

With the various tax laws in America, we’ve gathered the latest information regarding taxes on weed by state. Here’s an updated look at the cannabis industry across the United States.

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Cannabis Travel Destinations

There are several ideal travel destinations in the world where you can enjoy cannabis-related events without any risk of breaking any laws. Learn about destinations and festivals.

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California Cannabis Market Facts

The size of California’s cannabis market represents the state’s pro-marijuana stance. By breaking ground in cannabis legalization in 1997, California has evolved in its stance on the sale, distribution, and recreational use of cannabis.

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Nevada Cannabis Market Facts

The cannabis market in Nevada looks promising. With the state’s early start in the marijuana business, recently legalized cannabis lounges, plus the millions of visitors Las Vegas sees annually, retail sales can only rise.