Maverick Technology Solutions Launches Rosinbomb M-60 Extraction Press

Maverick Technology Solutions (OTC:MVRK), industry leading developer and manufacturer of the highly acclaimed ROSINBOMB™ line of extraction presses and technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its production-grade press, the M-60 with Patent Pending Flow Channel Technology™. The M-60 is a monumental leap forward in solventless press technology and the third in a series of industry leading extraction presses from ROSINBOMB.

The M-60 technology enables processors to now quickly and easily produce large volumes of solventless, clean, organic extracts solely utilizing heat and force. The frictionless Flow Channel Technology™ is an extraordinary leap forward in extract production at a fraction of the cost compared to existing solvent-based systems.

The M-60 is a production-grade press

The new M-60 design is a watershed change in pressing technology as it allows for continuous, rapid press production with no pausing for gathering material. The FDA approved diamond hard coating on the innovative Flow Channel plates allows for non-stop processing of rosin into self-gathering, non-stick food grade collection trays for easy clean up at the end of the press cycle.

Developed and manufactured in the USA, the Rosinbomb M-60 is plug and press out of the box. It is equally functional as it is elegant. At just 60 pounds in weight, it’s capable of delivering over 6,000 pounds of force with all the power being generated from a three-prong plug and one button touch operation. By not having to pause per press to collect the material and by collecting the material at the end of each production run, the M-60 can yield up to 90 grams of essential oils and extracts per hour.

“One of our main goals here at Rosinbomb has always been to further the cause of organic, safe and solventless extraction.” stated Ryan Mayer Rosinbomb, President and Founder. “We accomplished some of that with the Rosinbomb Rocket, the first rosin press designed for consumers. Now we are bringing solventless extraction to volume processing and we couldn’t be more thrilled.” he added.

“The patent pending technology embedded in the M-60 will certainly disrupt and propel this high growth sector to new levels and accelerate the delivery of organic, clean extracts to the mass market – efficiently and affordably.” said Maverick CEO, Fred Angelopoulos.

M-60 patent pending frictionless Flow Channel Technology™

The M-60 is available immediately for sale on – MSRP $2,350 with the option to purchase interest-free over 36 months or through retailers and e-tailers worldwide.

Please contact to request wholesale pricing.

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