Christine Sclafani was at WeedCon2019 in Los Angeles and ran into Tyla Salley, the CEO of Deuces 22, a new cannabis brand that launched the same weekend. She is also the daughter of the marijuana advocate and retired basketball star John Salley. Listen as Christine gets the full breakdown on Deuces22 and watch out for a surprise guest at the end!

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Hey guys, what’s up! I’m Christine Sclafani with The National Marijuana News and I am at WeedCon 2019. I just bumped into the most beautiful girl, Tyla Salley!

Hi everybody, I’m Tyla Salley. I’m the CEO of Deuces 22 a cannabis brand that is launching this weekend.

So, tell us all about this brand if you can really quick cuz I know you are running to the airport and you stopped just for me, I appreciate it.

So, Deuces 22 is a quality cannabis brand that our first product is going to be prerolled joints that you will be able to find everywhere. You won’t have to worry about it being shake or it being filled with seeds and stems. We are dedicated to finding the highest quality cannabis at your convenience.

Wow, where can we find this?

Pretty much at any dispensary. We are launching this weekend for a bunch of parties and about in the next week or so you will be able to see it in almost all the California cannabis dispensaries.

Well, you have my card. I hope I am invited, this way I can come and interview a bunch of people and blast your spot.

I really appreciate it, that would be amazing.

Where can we, do you have a website are you on social media? Tell us about that.

So, our Instagram is @Deuces22.Cannabis and our website is So, just find us and you’ll learn more about cannabis and be just as passionate about it as I am.

I just want to say thank you so much for that quick interview, I know you are in a rush and I just want to say thank you to my camera man back there, Mr. John Salley! Flip it, flip it, flip it! Turn it around man!

Thank you guys for watching, watch out for Deuces22. We will see you there!


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