Michigan Paranoid About Medical Marijuana

Apparently Michigan is very nervous about how people will react to legal medical marijuana this year. Michigan has been working to establish a voter approved medical marijuana program.

Technically illegal Michigan marijuana dispensaries started popping up shortly after voters decided that medical marijuana was right for them. Money is now being poured into law enforcement in order to makes sure all medical marijuana patients and businesses adhere to Michigan marijuana laws.

A new legislative report says agencies in more than 50 counties received a combined $1.8 million in medical marijuana enforcement grants from the state in 2017, more than twice the amount that was given out the previous year, The Detroit News reported . The money was used to pay overtime, fund house raids and purchase vehicles, surveillance equipment, firearms, stun guns and tactical gear.

The grants have helped Wayne County boost patient and caregiver compliance, said Mike Jaafar, chief of operations for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.

The state’s 2008 medical marijuana law allows patients and caregivers to grow a limited amount of the plant. The law didn’t anticipate the influx of marijuana businesses that surfaced. The state will begin licensing and regulating those operations this year.

The registration fees were designed to pay for administration and oversight of the law. But Tim Beck, who helped write the law, said he didn’t foresee the money being used to fund county sheriffs. Sheriffs already receive enough funds to enforce state laws and the money should be spent on other priorities, Beck said.

Michigan outdoor grow laws are strict but should allow both businesses and patients to benefit from medical cannabis. Do you think that Michigan is going overboard in arming the police to the extent that they are just for the sake of preparing for medical marijuana sales?

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