What Is Hemp Biomass?

Renewable energy through plant biomass can seriously reduce our carbon footprint and contributions to greenhouse gases that are warming the climate. By taking care of our climate through renewable energy, we are investing in the future for all life on earth as a whole. Hereโ€™s how hemp can help that effort
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All Hemp Seeds Are Not the Same

Genetics play a huge role in determining the quality of a seed and the plant it will ultimately turn into.  Advancements in the cannabis industry have made it so that crops are higher in quality than ever before and ensure they can be grown to reproduce desired effectsโ€ฆ
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Hemp Is the Only Thing That Can Save Us From Plastic

growing hemp
Our dependence on plastics is not going away, but thereโ€™s a more sustainable process in producing this essential product. Hemp is more renewable and less costly for manufacturers to produce while also being easier on the environment. It can literally replace plastic in every way, yet it seems companies that would benefit from using it have not caught up with the evidence.ย 
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