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Kristen Bell On Smoking Weed

Kristen Bell On Smoking Weed, marijuana celebrities, cannabis culture, movie stars that smoke weed

Kristen Bell, famous for portraying the titular character of the teen noir drama television series “Veronica Mars” has openly admitted to enjoying weed recreationally every once in a while. The 38 year old actress recently appeared on an episode of comedian Marc Maron’s podcast “WTF With Marc Maron”…

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Does Elon Musk Smoke Weed?

Does Elon Musk Weed, cannabis news, trending marijuana news

Earlier this year, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk raised some eyebrows following some posts on social media and a rather candid interview with the New York Times. It all started after Musk posted a tweet saying that Tesla would be going private at the conspicuous cost of $420. This…

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