Michael Melchiondo, Jr., better known as Dean Ween, the guitarist for the famed 90’s alternative rock band “Ween” is hoping to be able to open a music venue in Denver that would allow for legal adult use cannabis within its confines. A representative for Ween confirmed to The Denver Post that he will be a part of the venue’s operations as entertainment director. Tentatively named “Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge,” the venue will be located in close proximity to Denver’s Coors Field.

The venture’s chief operating officer, Michael Polansky told the Denver Post on an interview earlier this week that “I think cannabis and music make total, total sense together…The venue would host music, comedy and film-related events, with Dean Ween serving as entertainment director and performing “in various incarnations.” Polansky went on to state that “We think that we can offer a unique kind of musical experience for Denver and the world.” According to Polansky, the venue would also serve as an authorized cannabis consumption location during off hours and would also offer educational and wellness programs related to cannabis use.

Dean Ween, cannabis culture, Denver marijuana music venue, cannabis news, marijuana legalizationWhile the group has yet to apply for the required city license that would allow cannabis consumption in the locale, the organizers plan to apply for one within the next few weeks with hopes of having a grand opening next April 20th just in time for the cannabis holiday! If approved for their license and opened for business, Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge would be among the first cannabis related businesses of its kind in the states to date.

Back in 2016 voters approved for Denver to become one of the first places in the United States to allow for a “social consumption” licensing program, however, the city only has one social cannabis consumption venue so far in the form of a coffee shop connected to a dispensary. While Denver’s current rules regarding social cannabis consumption include some very strict limits such as the fact that venues like these are not allowed to serve alcohol or that social consumption businesses cannot sell THC products, patrons would still be able to bring their own cannabis to enjoy while vaping and/or consuming in the form of edibles.

Ween Guitarist Calls For Weed Friendly Music Venue, weed arcade, cannabis arcade, marijuana arcade, pot arcadeIn related news, an arcade named “Vape and Play” that would also allow for social cannabis consumption in Denver, hopes to open early in 2019 according to the establishment’s future co-owner Taylor Rosean. Rosean said of this week’s Honeypot announcement “I’m extremely thrilled…We heard rumors that another private interest was looking around, and I was super excited that it was someone that is intending to open and do it right. They have such an amazing background in music. I think they’re really going to contribute something unique in this developing market.”

Do you believe that Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge and Vape and Play will be allowed their permit request? Would you be interested in visiting a music venue or an arcade that would allow for social consumption of cannabis if you were in the greater Denver area?