Check out the below tutorial video where weed legend Tommy Chong shows you how to roll the perfect joint! What do you think of his technique? Have any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

On Wednesday, we were invited to 1 Percent’s pop-up shop on the Lower East Side for a joint rolling tutorial with Tommy Chong. The timing of our lesson could not have been better: Nancy Grace had just hosted an acid trip of a marijuana debate with 2 Chainz, and while it’s easy to underestimate the weathered smoker, Tommy Chong has a long and distinguished history of ethering pundits on deep cable news shows.During our conversation with Chong, the 76-year-old comedian gave us his take on #Pot2Blame, spoke about the inherent racism in marijuana legislation, and (of course) taught us how to roll a perfect joint.

How to Roll a Joint… With Tommy Chong (!!!!!!) – YouTube