Tips For Detoxing From THC, cannabis detox, weed news, NBA drug tests, NFL drug testsThere are many different reasons as to why someone may need or want to detox their body of THC, the cannabinoid found in cannabis that actually gets you high. Whether it is due to an upcoming drug test, health reasons, or you just want your body to take a break from its exposure to THC, there are several techniques that can help folks accomplish this with just a little time and patience.

So, how exactly can folks detox from THC? While your body naturally metabolizes THC out of your system, this can take some time as THC is fat-soluble meaning that it gets stored away in your body’s fat cell for up to a month after you last consumed cannabis. This can present a bit of a problem for enthusiasts that may be drug tested in the near future. However the timing of this can be sped up by consuming large, yet safe, quantities of good old fashioned water and through the use of diuretics. Water and diuretics help flush out unwanted chemicals due to your increased urine output. In other words, the more you end up peeing the quicker the THC will leave your system.

Cranberry Juice for detoxing from marijuana. THC detox, tips for detoxing from thc, NBA drug testing policy 2018A popular, totally natural, and particularly effective diuretic is cranberry juice, which has the reputation as the “go to” for many folks looking to detox their bodies for whatever reason the reason. Most of us have probably heard that it is also effective for dealing with urinary tract infections so that’s also a plus. Easy to find and available in a number of different flavor variations, it tends to work better than water as a diuretic as it contains essential nutrients and electrolytes that help keep your body running as it should.

Another very important factor to consider during your detox is your ongoing diet. Eating healthy and balanced meals while going through the detoxing process will go a long way to making the experience that much more bearable. We recommend seeking out foods that are high in healthy minerals to ensure that your body is receiving all of the nutrition it needs, especially if you are using a diuretic to help you along your way to a successful detox.

Lastly, remaining active and engaging in regular exercise will also help speed up the removal of THC from your system as quickly burning fats will enhance how fast the THC begins to be removed by your bloodstream. On the opposite end of the spectrum, lack of proper or regular exercise will lead to THC as well as other cannabinoids staying in your system for far longer that you’d probably want. We highly recommend at very least a moderate level of regular exercise while you go through you THC detox period. It will definitely take you some time, patience, and effort, but if you carefully follow the about tips your body will be THC free again soon!

Have you ever tried detoxing from THC before? Do you have any detoxing  tips that you’d like to share?