Sublingual cannabis products allow the beneficial cannabinoids inherent in marijuana to be absorbed rapidly by the body because they are bypassing the digestive process. This type of specialized cannabis product is perfectly suited for many conditions that require a fast acting medication in order to allay the symptoms of diseases such as epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

The sublingual route also eliminates many of the concerns surrounding the consumption of edibles, such as timing and the strength of the effects, which can be significantly influenced by our body’s digestive system and other uncontrollable factors.

Sublingual Absorption vs Normal Ingestion

Traditional edibles, like brownies or any kind of baked good or snack, are digested by the body slowly. The cannabinoids in these edibles have to go through the stomach, intestines, and liver before they’re absorbed into the bloodstream. That’s why edibles don’t take effect until one to three hours after consumption.

Many complain that the effects of edibles are hard to predict; one day a 20 mg cookie makes them feel great, while another day they don’t the effects of the same dosage at all. That’s partly because there are many factors that can affect how you digest and absorb cannabinoids, including metabolism, sleep cycle, and what else you’ve eaten that day.

That’s how sublingual absorption products are superior: they absorb straight into your system through the mucosal membrane under your tongue, allowing the cannabinoids to bypass all the hassle of the gastrointestinal system. That way their effects are both much faster and more predictable. They kick in after only 15 minutes or so.

Would you agree that this is one of the most efficient ways to benefit from the effects of cannabis? Have you ever tried a sublingual cannabis solution?

Why Sublingual Absorption Cannabis Products Are The Best Choice For Medical Marijuana Patients