Needing some inspiration with trying to figure out what to do for this year’s 4/20? Check out this list for some VERY cannabis friendly ideas for you and your fellow enthusiasts to enjoy. Aside from the obvious plan of getting high in one way or another, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate aside from binge watching TV from your couch and ordering in (not that there’s anything wrong with that). From dabbling in making edibles, going out to a show or concert, or even a nice dinner out, there’s plenty to do while still enjoying the effects of marijuana. You’ll want to coordinate with your friends first as you all may have different ideas on what they’d like to do, especially if you’re considering going out in public to crowded locales.

For those on the more adventurous side, you can always plan a road trip to one of the states where cannabis is legal so that you can truly enjoy the day without any worries about law enforcement ruining your good time. Follow the link below for a few more ideas on what to do during one of our favorite holidays and be sure to enjoy responsibly!

Gather Your Toker Friends
Some Fun Plans For Celebrating 4/20
This is imperative. We know you love your non-smoking friends, but let’s be real: this holiday is probably not their cup of tea.

Gather your closest friends that love the herb almost or as much as you do. If you don’t have any cannabis-loving friends, you can always go out and make a few at some weed-friendly events. Or just celebrate alone!

Make (And Eat) Edibles
Some Fun Plans For Celebrating 4/20
Edibles are key for 4/20. If you’re a regular smoker, rolling a joint or using a bong, pipe or a blunt, is pretty mundane. And for some, it’s already part of their daily routine.

4/20 is different. You’re going to want to consume your cannabis every way humanly possible. Edibles are, without a doubt, the most exciting way. You have the option of making classics like brownies as well as more trendy treats like boba tea or a matcha latte.

When you make your own homemade edibles, it can be a roll of the dice how strong they actually turn out. So you’ll need to calculate how much THC you’re cooking with.

Make your edibles ahead of time so they are ready to go. Sometimes, the process of making cannabutter can take a few hours, so better start early.


How To Plan The Ultimate 4/20