Smoking or consuming other types of marijuana products with one’s family members can be quite an experience, potentially both good and bad. From the anxiety caused by bringing up the subject, (especially with strict parents or straight laced siblings) to the almost guaranteed awkwardness of that first session, it’s very likely going to be a time you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

While it can prove to be an amazing bonding experience for some of the more open minded and adventurous families, this may not be the way to go for more traditional homes. As always, please use your best judgement as being high on cannabis is not everyone’s cup of tea and can make what should be a good time into a nightmare. Follow the link below for more of the pros and cons of enjoying marijuana with your family!

Singer-songwriter, Melissa Ethridge, revealed that she smokes pot with her kids during Yahoo’s Weed and the American Family project.

“It was funny at first, and then they realized, it’s a very natural, end-of-the-day [thing] … And it brings you much closer. I’d much rather have a smoke with my grown kids than a drink,” Ethridge said about her shared cannabis use with her kids.
Smoking Marijuana With Family Members
The stereotypical munchie-driven stoner-dude persona is a thing of the past. Your regular stoner is starting to look more like the mom and dad next door. The couple who just wants some peace and relaxation time after their kids go to sleep. Marijuana can help individuals relax after a long stressful day. And who’s more stressed out then a couple of parents raising their kids?

Whether it be with your kids, parents, uncles or aunts; smoking with your family can be a great experience.

The Pros and Cons of Smoking Weed With Your Family · High Times