Even though marijuana may be legal in your state, your employer might not have the same lenient policies about cannabis and you might subject to take a drug test. If you have your medical marijuana card or cannabis is recreational in your state, it doesn’t exonerate you from a private company and their policies on smoking cannabis. It is one of the most contentious subjects between marijuana patients and employers. If people are able to take an opiate and function at work, then what is the difference if an employee needs to use cannabis for pain?

At The National Marijuana News, we have a staff of people who are productive marijuana users. Everyone of our staff members comes to work and does their job. If someone does not perform their job duties, the last thing we would do is make them take a urine test for weed and blame cannabis for a human mistake. Our staff reports to work every day and gets their job done. If they are not getting their jobs done, then they are reprimanded just like any other company.

High Times has been covering the culture of marijuana since the 1970’s and they recently put out a new guide on How to Pass a Drug Test. Let us know your thoughts on whether any of these methods have worked for you.

In the meantime, let’s keep advocating for marijuana legalization across the country to force employers to change their policies on marijuana drug testing. The only way to make change in this country is by getting out and voting!

Does your company drug test?

What is the Science behind Passing a Drug Test?

When your employer requires you to submit to a piss test to pass a drug screening, the lab testing facility is looking for a specific marijuana metabolite. THC-COOH is the primary marijuana metabolite that is present in someone’s urine who has consumed weed. This metabolite is fat soluble and takes a long time to exit the body, so drug testing facilities typically target THC-COOH in order to tell if you have been smoking the ganja in the past 3 months.

Besides THC-COOH, drug screens can also tell if you have irregular amounts of a creatinine. People who are trying to trick the drug screeners into a passing grade have an imbalance of normal levels of creatinine which causes urine samples to be altered.  Even if you supplement vitamin B, riboflavin and creatine, scientists know that you are trying to beat a drug test, and you will be reported to your employer.

Read the rest of the article here: https://hightimes.com/guides/drug-testing-101-pass-drug-test/