Moms And The Marijuana Business

There is a pervasive negative stigma that is unfortunately still associated with cannabis, despite the significant successful marijuana legalization efforts and the mainstream influence it has had in recent years. The ever expanding, legitimate, very lucrative but also relatively new cannabis industry has drawn a large number of individuals from mainstream backgrounds into the “wild west” that is the current marijuana business in the states.

One particular demographic of note in this regard are working moms. With Mother’s Day tomorrow, let’s take a look at the mom’s joining the cannabis industry.

Public relations whiz Rosie Mattio rises at 5:30am most days of the week. It’s a little window of peace before her four daughters wake up and she’s off and running. When she’s not getting the kids ready for school, preparing meals or shuttling them to activities, she’s representing some of the biggest brands in legal marijuana.

“Everyone knows I’m the ‘cannabis mom’ at school,”ย boasts Mattio, who lives in suburban New Jersey just outside New York City, of working with a brand new market for a product that is still federally illegal in the U.S.

Needless to say, there are a lot of questions – even in the carpool line.

‘People come over to me and are like, ‘So, what strain would I use?’ or ‘Where do you get cannabis around here? [And I respond] ‘ No, I’m not a drug dealer. This is my industry. This is my business. ,” she says.

With the responsibility of caring for their children, there are many that would feel that involvement in the cannabis industry would be an irresponsible career choice. To that end, the women currently involved in the business are fighting to enforce the fact that they are normal people and not drug peddlers.

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Moms Break The Stigma Of Working In Weed

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