With marijuana legalization spreading across the country at a fast pace, it is hoped by many that attitudes towards those that use cannabis change for the better. Even in states where recreational marijuana has been legalized, it is difficult to escape the stigma associated with its use especially when it comes to finding employment. With drug testing always a concern for those that enjoy cannabis recreationally and even for those that use it medically, some lines of work are automatically a “no go” such as most government work. Also, some of the more carefree tokers may want to factor in how much of a problem it would be if they were stoned while at work.

To provide a little guidance, check out this list of nine very marijuana friendly careers for enthusiasts to embark on. While certain job paths are pretty much a given such as botanist, agriculturist, or chemist these are careers and jobs that don’t require quite as much time spent in a classroom. Be sure to follow the link below for the full list of marijuana friendly careers!

1. Musician

Nine Of The Most Marijuana Friendly Careers Careers that involve nightlife and creativity let you smoke as much green as you want to. Being a musician combines both these attributes, making it a classic cannabis-lover career choice. Wondering who else combined music and marijuana? The list is never-ending. Jazz (Louis Armstrong), country (Willie Nelson), rock (Jimmy Hendrix), hip-hop (Snoop Dogg) and pop (Rihanna) legends have all smoked a ton of weed, and risen to soaring heights in their careers, too. Not only does the musician lifestyle—and lack of drug testing unless it’s court ordered à la Britney Spears—permit ample marijuana use, but the creativity required to write songs can come easier when you’re high. Plus, when you’re famous, you have a platform to advocate for legalization without putting your career in danger.


9 Coolest Cannabis-Friendly Career Fields · High Times