L.A.’s Cannabis Wedding Expo!

As cannabis legalization efforts expand around the country and its use becomes more mainstream, we are starting to see its influence seep into different aspects of our daily lives. The highly lucrative wedding industry is no exception to this trend. Enter L.A.’s 2018 Cannabis Wedding Expo! An event full of all sorts of exhibitions and demonstrations for marijuana themed nuptial celebrations geared towards enthusiasts. From cannabis infused menu items, consumable decorations, marijuana make up, and even treats for your guests, this expo had a little bit of everything that would make even the craziest bridezilla happy!

While attendance was relatively low in comparison to the event recently held in Denver, we are certain that it will keep on growing as the expo becomes more well known and attitudes towards marijuana and those who use it continue to change. Be sure to follow the link below for additional pictures and information from this remarkable event!

Last month, MERRY JANE attended the 2018 Cannabis Wedding Expo in Denver, where the event originally debuted in 2016. There, we sampled THC and CBD-infused pre-fixed meals, chatted with vendors selling bud-enhanced flower bouquets, and talked to brides and grooms-to-be about why they want to add marijuana to their matrimonial celebration.

LA's Cannabis Wedding Expo!
Cultivating Spirits will pair your wedding menu with marijuana

“A lot more people are becoming loud and proud [of their cannabis use] because they enjoy it in their daily lives,” Bec Koop, the event’s co-founder, told us in the Mile High City. “They’re not going to be denied cannabis on their wedding day, especially when now they know they can enjoy it during their wedding day festivities [legally].”

This past weekend, the expo debuted in Los Angeles at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City. Though it was admittedly less slammed than in Colorado, around 50 or so Californians attended the event and explored the reality of hiring budtenders instead of bartenders, chefs who can infuse your cake and entrees, and even canna-cosmeticians who can add a little CBD to your wedding-day make-up.

L.A.'s Cannabis Wedding Expo!
Place settings by the Flower Daddy
L.A.'s Cannabis Wedding Expo!
Wedding officiates will marry you while wearing a weed suit or even dressed as Gandalf
L.A.'s Cannabis Wedding Expo!
Flowers on Flowers offers medical marijuana bouquets
L.A.'s Cannabis Wedding Expo!
Bella was offering CBD and THC-infused products that are ideal for ganja goodie bags

Photos of Ganja Gowns and 420 Floral Arrangements at the Los Angeles Cannabis Wedding Expo – Culture | MERRY JANE

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