Check out the below clip from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast where the one and only, Joe Rogan, talks with his latest guests a little about muay thai kickboxing, recent changes to MMA, as well as his love for smoking some marijuana! He and the show’s guests also discuss potentially using cannabis as treatment for pain relief and helping promote relaxation along with the unfortunate bouts of paranoia and acute anxiety that it can sometimes bring out on some users.

While Rogan has always been a very vocal proponent for legalized marijuana use in the states, even openly confessing that he regularly smokes right before going to his yoga classes, the visitors on this particular show are much less enthused and have not had such great experiences when they’ve dabbled. One even relates a story on how they got a case of severe couch lock for hours after having tried some cannabis oil for the very first time. I’m sure we’ve all been there at one time or another and it’s never a fun time!

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From The Joe Rogan Experience


Joe Rogan on Weed Paranoia – YouTube