Want to enjoy your marijuana in peace but are concerned about the conspicuous smell tipping anyone off and ruining your session? Check out this list of a number of different tried and true techniques that will help reduce and even eliminate that tell tale marijuana smell altogether. While sprays and air fresheners may seem convenient and while some can be effective, most do little else than mask the pungent smell of most marijuana so you’ll want to work a little harder for the desired result.

A far more effective method that doesn’t take too much prep is making a “sploof,” which is an apparatus that you blow the smoke into to reduce its smell. You can make your very own sploof at home with just a finished paper roll (paper towel or toilet paper), a few dryer sheets, and some rubber bands. The dryer sheets within absorb the majority of the marijuana smell once the smoke passes through to the other end.

My personal favorite, and what I consider by far to be the most discreet way of enjoying your weed (aside from taking edibles) is using a vaporizer. The smell produced by vaporizers is significantly weaker than that of standard smoke and dissipates very quickly so that anyone in the immediate area won’t have any idea that a session just took place.

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Proper Storage
How To Hide That Marijuana Smell!
Do you get anxious wondering if anyone nearby can smell your weed? When it comes to hiding the smell of weed at home, you’ll need the proper storage equipment. You won’t be hiding any smells keeping a Ziploc bag of weed in a drawer or your pocket.

If you’re living at home you might have to have an awkward talk with your mom when you get home. Something airtight like a mason jar or vacuum-sealed bag is best for containing the smell of cannabis flowers.

There are also products designed to contain the smell of cannabis on-the-go. Dube tubes are perfect for carrying pre-rolled joints or blunts around.

Similarly, Skunk creates discreet designer bags lined with activated carbon which traps odors from items larger than a pre-roll.

As a result, they’re perfect for cannabis consuming commuters who don’t want everyone around them knowing they’ve got weed on them.


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