Smoking marijuana is more often than not a social experience. Many times when folks are enjoying their cannabis they are doing so among friends and other fellow enthusiasts. Across time, there has always been a strong non-violent unity among cannabis consumers and no matter if it’s by passing a joint, blunt, bong around or waiting for some edibles to kick in, we are usually in the company of like minded people who help make the experience a pleasant one. We also want this to be especially true for when folks are trying out weed and related products for the very first time.

Cannabis Newbies, marijuana smoke, smoking weed, cannabis, recreational marijuanaSince most of us were introduced to the joys of cannabis by friends who made sure we were didn’t freak out and did or said something regrettable during our first time being high, it’s important to continue to help newbies cope with the potential paranoia, nervousness, anxiety and other negative side effects that sometimes accompany using cannabis so that they can ultimately end up having a good time. We’ve put together a few tips for veteran stoners that will be helping fledgling stoners get their feet wet.

First and foremost you will want to consider the type of person(s) you are helping, taking into account their personality along with their height, weight, and gender. This will go hand in hand when you are trying to choose what type of strain your friend should try first. While some folks may enjoy the raciness and uplifting energy of a sativa there are others who would much prefer the calming effects of a mellow indica or something in between both spectrums. The better you know the person’s moods and personality, the better you will be at picking out the right strain for the occasion.

You will also want to explain to them some of the potential side effects from using weed like bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, the munchies, and coughing fits among others. The strain(s) you are using will often determine which side effects are more prevalent (if any) so again we reiterate how important it is to choose wisely when picking out your weed.

red eyes, Cannabis Newbies, trying marijuana for the first time, marijuana legalizationNext, make sure that you and your newbie friend(s) are in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Within a comfortable social setting you are free to discuss the experience, what to expect, as well as how to handle any negative effects that may pop up during the session. It is always helpful to play music, encourage conversation, and have food and drinks available to snack on. If the social setting is comfortable and relaxing, it should counter the potential for anxiety and panic. The fresh cannabis user should feel some control of the situation, so using at a planned social event, picnic, or clambake among friends is a good way to go.

Lastly, as a veteran you should be able to teach your cannabis protege how to properly roll joints/blunts, pack bowls, light them appropriately, and smoke. While pretty self-explanatory, you would be amazed at how many enthusiasts we run into that have no idea how to roll a joint that you can actually get high off of or pack a bowl that actually allows for airflow!

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Do you have any tips for cannabis veterans that are helping out first time stoners?