Pay your respects to the Godfather OG strain! A strong indica stemming from the combination of the XXX OG indica and Alpha OG hybrid, loved by enthusiasts for help with pain conditions, anxiety, insomnia, and stress relief in general. It’s been said to provide an euphoric and very peaceful high accompanied by complete body relaxation that can leave you stuck on your couch if you’re not careful! It’s mainly due to these qualities that it’s considered a night time strain, perfect for catching up on missed rest.

Dubbed “The Don of All OGs,” this strain has quite a name to live up to. A popular medical strain in Southern California, Godfather OG, like many other OG strains, is often recommended for insomnia and pain due to its sedative indica properties. The Don is a result of crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG, and there is a kushy spiciness in its scent coupled with some subtle grape notes. Godfather OG is powerful; with THC levels that have been measured as high as 28%, this strain is an offer you can’t refuse. Godather OG won 1st Place for Best Indica at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles.

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The buds are typically very dense with green, brown, orange and white coloring all throughout. The smell is pretty pungent with a natural earthy aroma accompanied by a smoke that has a piney/woody taste that can leave your chest burning some coughing fits on occasion. Trust us, after a few hits of the Godfather OG you’ll be “sleeping with the fishes” soon enough!

420 Marijuana Reviews: Godfather OG

“Surprised this strain doesn’t have more reviews aha. Three good hits of this OG strand will have you feeling happy as hell and hungry as fuck. Beginner smokers beware. I normally don’t give out 9’s, but this is one of the best strands I ever smoked :)”

420 Marijuana Reviews: Godfather OG

“Very potent body high with a vibrant all over feeling. Two thumps up!!”

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