Check out this latest episode of GGN where Emmy winner and Showtime star Lena Waithe of the drama The Chi, sits down with one of our favorite stoners to discuss her recent successes. She also discusses her struggles transitioning from Chicago to Hollywood, as well as being a voice and role model for queer women of color. With an already extremely impressive resume and a passion for her craft, she is definitely making a splash in the often times white male dominated world of entertainment that is today’s Hollywood.

On the latest episode of GGN, the Doggfather sits down with the actress, writer, director, producer and creative force behind Showtime’s The Chi.

In America’s constantly changing cultural landscape, Lena Waithe has already established herself as the cream of the crop. From her start as a writer on the detective drama Bones, to her more personal acting in Netflix’s Master of None, to behind-the-scenes production work on Dear White People and a recent Emmy win, Waithe is truly a force in Hollywood. In her latest work, Waithe has taken the reins, creating and showrunning Showtime’s newest drama, The Chi.

On a lighter note, the affable Waithe shares with host Snoop Dogg her love and appreciation of superstar comedian Martin Lawrence’s 90’s classic sitcom “Martin.” Despite her newfound success or perhaps because of it, she won’t be resting on her laurels anytime soon and as Lawrence himself would likely say in admiration: “Damn Lena!”

On the latest episode of GGN, Waithe joins Uncle Snoop in the studio to break down her path from Chicago’s South Side to Tinseltown, what it means to be a voice for young queer black women in the entertainment industry, and of course, the everlasting comedic genius of Martin.

Showrunner Lena Waithe Talks Emmy Wins and Black Power in Hollywood with Snoop Dogg – Culture | MERRY JANE