Dream – The WOW Organics Launch Party 

Did you attend or hear about Cannabis Wonderland last year? The DREAM event team is the same power duo that created, promoted, and organized the Cannabis Wonderland event that saw 5,032 guests attend the most talked-about networking party of MJ BizCon 2018. This year, Dan Schmink and Ashley Manning are back for round two to bring a new vision, with a new purpose, to Las Vegas. 10% of ticket sales for DREAM will be donated to Veteran non-profits that we support

Who is WOW Organics? We’re a team of Veterans and Women with hemp extraction labs opening across the nation. Our mission is to help 500,000 Veterans through low-cost, no-cost, and charitable giveback programs. The DREAM event in Las Vegas is our company’s launch party to bring our vision to this amazing cannabis industry. We’re longstanding members of the community with a track record of public speaking to promote high-quality education centered around cannabis, hemp, and the numerous benefits contained within this plant for the Veterans of our community. We currently provide CBD and CBG products in multiple continents worldwide with rapid expansion planned for early 2020.

Buy tickets at WOWoragnics.co/DREAM

Buy tickets at WOWoragnics.co/DREAM


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