Should all forms of cannabis use actually be categorized as medicinal? Some vocal proponents are making the case that all marijuana use should in fact be considered medicinal. These folks see very little distinction between recreational and medicinal use leading them to reason that even if one is going to be using marijuana recreationally, the various compounds and chemicals found in cannabis are still providing their significant health effects. They do have a good point as cannabis enthusiasts are just as likely to reap the same health benefits from marijuana as those that are using it for treatment of various health reasons such as help with insomnia, pain relief, restoring one’s appetite, or coping with anxiety and stress issues.

cannabis culture, medicinal marijuana, cannabis news, marijuana legalization Marijuana can technically be categorized as a medicine due to its cannabinoids and their unique chemical make up. The two most well known cannabinoids are CBD and THC though there are myriad others found in the plant like THCV and THCA and all seemingly have different effects. Unfortunately, due to limited research, we still don’t fully understand what it is exactly these cannabinoids do to the human body. However we are very hopeful that with the success of legalization efforts around the country that this lack of research will be a thing of the past in the very near future.

Cannabidiol or CBD for short, is fast becoming more and more famous and in demand in the cannabis world. While CBD is actually not psychoactive meaning that it won’t get you high, studies have already gone on to show promising results when using CBD for the treatment of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorders and many other diseases all the while also acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. Despite this information, federal courts recently decided not to protect CBD from being targeted by law enforcement. A very unfortunate and what some would call misguided decision that may end up doing more harm than good to those that are already benefiting or could potentially benefit from turning to CBD as a form of treatment.

weed news, medical marijuana, edibles, marijuana news Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, on the other hand, is the more famous of the pair as it is the main cannabinoid that gets you high. When THC binds to our neuro-receptors in the brain, the binding can produce psycho-active results that are pleasant and euphoric but can in some cases induce paranoia and exacerbate anxiety issues (this is especially true of high THC cannabis strains). It can also help balance and regulate neurotransmitter flow in order to help reduce depression, anxiety, and even pain. A recent study conducted in Israel also suggests that THC treatments significantly helped cerebral palsy patients with motor control. Even though THC is psychoactive, it has been found that CBD counteracts many of the psychoactive effects of THC so it shouldn’t be ruled out for consideration.

Do you believe that all cannabis use can be considered medicinal? Do you think that cannabis and related products will eventually be as available as over the counter treatments for some of the conditions mentioned above?