Cannabis edibles can be a great way to enjoy marijuana and avoid having to inhale smoke or vapor into your lungs. The problem is that making cannabis edibles can be challenging and time consuming. In order to extract the cannabinoids form marijuana, you must cook it at a low temperature for a long time so that you do not burn the fragile compounds found in cannabis. You can buy a device for extraction, which can be expensive or use a more complicated method. Unless of course, you know how to make Weed Firecrackers.

The first thing you are going to do is preheat your oven to 320 degrees and finely chop your weed. This is very easy to do using a shot glass and pair of scissors as you can see in the video below or just simply use a grinder or your hands. I prefer the latter two.. It should go without saying but remove any stems or cannabis seeds. Obviously, the higher the quality weed you use, the higher you will get but with these firecrackers all grades of weed will work. If you are planning on using peanut butter, please note that you should not use the normal GIF and SKIPPY brands that many of us use so often. They do not work nearly as well as natural organic peanut butter. Almost all stores have it and it should be easy to find. It should also be noted that you should avoid using chunky peanut butter. The smooth peanut butter makes it easier for the peanut oil to absorb the THC from the weed which is the goal here. Anyways, once you have the right stuff grab a spoonful (enough for 2 crackers) and place it in a bowl. Gently mix the ground weed with whatever you are using. Then place each serving on a cracker and add another cracker on top to make a sandwich. Wrap up your 2 sandwiches in tin foil and place them in the preheated oven for 22 minutes. These typically do not smell up the kitchen the way brownies or other recipes would.

With this weed firecracker recipe, you do not need to be some master chef or chemist. You just need some crackers, some organic peanut oil, tin foil, an oven and oh yeah, a bag of marijuana. Let us know what you think.