Marijuana Edibles Sending People to the ER in Colorado

Marijuana edibles are trending around the country, but a lot of people still do not understand them. Unlike smoking or vaping marijuana, edibles take 30 minutes to an hour to start working. Overanxious cannabis consumers will eat too many edibles while impatiently waiting for them to kick in. For most people, 10 mgs of THC will get the job done. If you do take too much THC, it can make the world spin and require you to lay down. People that don’t get it though often end up heading to the hospital because they do not know what else to do.

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Hey all of you marijuana advocates slash stoners out there, it’s Christine Sclafani again with some more cannabis culture for you.

So, I get that even the most veteran of marijuana smokers out there may not have caught onto the growing marijuana edibles trend across the country. Let’s be honest, if you have loved weed for the last 50 years, it probably consisted of packing a bowl or rolling a joint or blunt. Most of you did not spend your time making cannabutter or cannabis oil for edibles, and the few times you tried to make pot brownies you probably just dumped a bunch of pot into some brownie mix when you were already baked and then didn’t get why they not only didn’t work but also tasted awful.

But today, in states like Colorado you can just walk into a dispensary and find some marijuana cookie or gummy that not only will get you high, but it may even get you too high. If you didn’t know marijuana edibles take upwards of an hour to work after you eat them, and if you keep eating them because you are impatient to get stoned, you can find your world spinning pretty hard when the THC kicks in.

You would think the people of Colorado would have this figured out since edibles have been available since 2014, but a new study published in the Annuls of Internal Medicine say that the number of ER visits in Colorado have tripled since weed became legal. 18% of the patients reported “acute psychiatric symptoms” after eating edibles. Come on people, we are pushing five years now that weed has been legal in Colorado. Why are edibles still such a mystery?

Stay lifted everyone!

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