Netflix is planning on debuting a new competitive cooking show along the same lines as shows like the Iron Chef and Chopped, except that they’ll not only be judged based on the taste and presentation of the meals but also on how high they get you. The show, named Cooking On High, will have ten competitors square off trying to prepare tasty dishes that will hopefully win the favor of the four celebrity judges as well as get them pretty baked.

It will be interesting to see how well this format will work given some of the preparation and time needed to make some types of edibles, not to mention waiting for them to kick in considering how that timing can often vary. If you enjoy cooking shows and weed, be sure to check out Cooking On High which is set to premier on the streaming service starting on June 22nd.

High Cuisine

The show, aptly titled Cooking On High, is set to debut on June 22nd. The show will be hosted by comedian and YouTube sensation, Josh Leyva, known for his diverse array of wacky characters, viral skits, and odd challenges. He’s also starred in the movies Laid in America and Dance Camp, both of which were released back in 2016.

Joining Leyva is fellow comedian and noted cannabis activist Ngaio Bealum, who will serve as the show’s primary “culinary weed expert.” Bealum was the original host of the television series Cannabis Planet and has published the West Coast Cannabis Magazine, a non-profit cannabis magazine. He also has a weekly column in the Sacramento News & Review, where he answers readers’ questions about cannabis and the laws surrounding it.

Would you be interested in watching a competitive cooking show where weed is a main ingredient?

New Competitive Weed Cooking Show Coming to Netflix