Up for some cannabis friendly adventure in a variety of exotic locales? Check out this list of some of the best travel destinations where marijuana enthusiasts can go to celebrate 4/20! These are places that are a little more off the beaten path and definitely not as famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) as the usual stoner tourist spots like historic and scenic Amsterdam across the pond or beautiful Jamaica down in the Caribbean, but come close to matching them as awesome locations that most marijuana lovers as well as travel buffs will enjoy visiting for the holiday.

Best 4/20 Travel Destinations

While the use of marijuana and related products may not be completely legal in some of these places, you should be just fine as long as you observe a little discretion and practice common sense. Be sure to follow the link below for the full rundown of some of the best 4/20 travel destinations around the world for marijuana enthusiasts and we hope you enjoy the holiday!

The best under the radar 4/20 destinations are:

1. Rainbow Mountains in Cusco, Peru
2. Lavender sands of Pfieffer Beach, California
3. San Juan Archipelago, Washington State (near Seattle)
4. Blue Lagoon, Malta
5. The French Alps in Sisteron, France
6. Singing Sand Dunes, China
7. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
8. Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flats), Bolivia
9. Joshua Tree, California
10. Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Rainbow mountain in Cusco, Peru
Some Of The Best Travel Destinations To Celebrate 4/20
Nothing can prepare you to see a mountain covered in colorful stripes, yet this is what you’ll find if you take a day trip from Cusco out to the Rainbow Mountains in the Andes. Once an important worship site for the Inca, the rainbow mountains area result of a geological formation where the sediments settled in striking colors and variations that we don’t normally see on mountains; they were only discovered by tourists two years ago. This is not an easy hike, especially if you’re high, so make sure you’re in good shape and the weather isn’t bad. However, it’s more than worth it once you see the view. Peru is also a 4/20 fave location due to last October’s legalization of medicinal use and production.


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